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There must be many girls who like Xiaobian for all kinds of sweater cardigans, especially long sweater cardigans, but there are so many clothes on Taobao, it is really not easy to really pick a good-looking and cheap sweater cardigan, it must take a lot of time, so today Xiaobian will share with you the good-looking sweater cardigan I found, come and take stock of the best sweater cardigans this winter!

▼Vertical striped cardigan

Since we are counting a long sweater cardigan today, there is no doubt that this one must also be long, but to say that the special feature of this piece is the vertical stripe pattern of the knit, which is very natural and not fancy, and the loose and crumbly look is also very good-looking.

▼Knitted cardigan

This cardigan is thinner than the one just now, although it does not have many colors to choose from like the one just now, only gray one color number, but this gray color is not a single gray, but gray light gray miscellaneous kind, so even if the clothes are simple and not decorative, it still looks good

▼ Sweater cardigan

This sweater is very similar to the one just introduced Oh, the same is a simple fine wool knit pattern, no decoration, but the difference is that the color of this one is darker, it is black and gray dyeed, and the grain is also biased towards dots, so girls with hearts can distinguish between these two and then make a choice

▼Korean knitted cardigan

This sweater is still very loose and lazy style, Xiaobian likes it very much, is the design of its cuffs, the long tightened cuffs are not only good-looking, but also more convenient when wearing, not easy to get dirty, the design of the large pocket in front of the clothes is also very good-looking

▼Seahorse sweater

This sweater is a standard lady style Oh, whether it is cream apricot, or Barbie pink, or light gray, it is a very fresh and eye-catching color, not very dazzling, not too rigid and too dull, giving people a very comfortable visual feeling, and then the fabric of seahorse hair is really very attractive, do you like it?

▼ Corrugated sweater

Very special ripple texture does not attract you, the color of the whole dress, but also reveals a vague retro feeling, with the pattern of the pop pattern, the clothes look special literary art, special temperament, is there a favorite girl, like can be considered Oh~

▼Vintage knitwear

The minimalist design with a single color, giving people a very simple beauty, I don’t know if it’s because of the color of the clothes, this dress also gives the editor a retro style feeling, but it is different from the retro style of the dress just now, the clothes are very loose, and the sleeves are super large, so you should be able to add a lot of clothes Oh, girls who are afraid of the cold don’t have to panic~

▼Preppy knitted sweater

This sweater is relatively not so long Oh, it is a mid-length model, the tightened knitted vertical striped cuffs and hem, and the design of large pockets, plus the very striped knitted pattern of the neckline is the difference of this dress, the overall style is more ladylike and gentle, Xiaobian thinks it is more suitable for thin girls Oh~

▼ Large pocket cardigan

This sweater cardigan is simply really long, the editor looks like it is long to the ankles, the clothes are also very simple like most sweater cardigans, but the light yellow and dark pink shades are more youthful and beautiful Oh, it feels like a younger color, what do you think?

▼Unbuttoned cardigan

This sweater cardigan is still a loose long style, but it is thicker, so the warmth will be better, but pay attention to Oh, this sweater cardigan is not buttoned Oh, can only be worn open, and if you look closely, you will find that this dress is also vertical stripes Oh, but the stripes are thinner.

There are so many good-looking long sweater cardigans, have you chosen them?