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Although Chen Yanan is young, he is a powerful character.

Because the live broadcast became popular, he became more and more unhappy with Zhu Xiaowei, so he notified the coat brother to take it back. Even their own kittens and puppies will also have feelings, right? Such an understatement sent a big living person away?

After returning Meimei’s live broadcast, he announced that he and Zhu Xiaowei were temporarily separated.

And Zhu Xiaowei was accompanied by words such as “nest bag”, “no rest”, “mud can’t support the wall” and so on.

Some people even say that Zhu Dan Wei is naïve and does not have a round house, etc.

This is really a loss of dignity for a man.

To know that the two got along for more than a year before getting married, what shortcomings Zhu Xiaowei has, Chen Yanan must know. From a hospital temporary worker to an internet celebrity, has it changed? Isn’t this “Sima Zhao’s heart, known to passers-by”?

Since announcing his breakup with Zhu Xiaowei, Chen Yanan has been accused by netizens, resulting in a decline in word of mouth. Her account number did not change with Zhu Xiaowei’s avatar, and she wore a wedding ring on her hand, such a shrewd woman kept a hand for herself.

After keeping a low profile for a while, Chen Yanan began to sell goods live.

Under the constant shouting of the voiceover, Chen Yanan showed the goods one by one: biscuits, iron pots, and even spoons.

But the screen is full of “Chen Shimei” and “cheeky” words.

Two posts

So, Chen Yanan changed his face again, saying that the coat brother’s family was very good to him. Due to improper handling, it caused some public opinion. In the future, I will express humility with my actions.

After the apology was published, Chen Yanan wrote to the coat brother behind his back, asking him to stand up and say a few good words about himself, intending to save his image reputation.

It is reported that the coat brother’s family is very resolute this time, Chen Yanan does not divorce and returns to the family, their family is very welcome, but there is one condition: Chen Yanan will not broadcast live in the future.

Obviously, this was not what Chen Yanan thought at all, and she was not willing to do so.

The last trick: discredit the coat brother

Chen Yanan posted again, finally no longer hiding, directly announced his divorce from Zhu Xiaowei, and blamed the coat brother’s family.

The reason is that he was tracked and kidnapped, his socks were stuffed and his face was injured, and at this time, Zhu Xiaowei did not stand up to protect himself. When verbally attacked, the coat brother did not help condemn the crowd…

Chen Yanan was instructed by a superior this time, no longer blindly saying that Zhu Xiaowei was dull and dull, but praised him as meek and kind, and would get along with him as a sister and brother after divorce.

Chen Yanan’s move won a wave of support, and netizens in turn reprimanded the coat brother as a person with thin feelings and was dishonest.

Netizens leave a message

“Where there is a family conflict, whether right or wrong, men should bear more than 80% of the responsibility!” As long as Zhu Xiaowei doesn’t come forward to hide, I look down on this man! ”

“Yaman, people who know you naturally understand you, and you will never wake up a person who pretends to sleep. Be yourself, no matter what others say, come on. Always have your back! ”

Some people said: Support Chen Yanan, a just and kind anchor!

So far, Chen Yanan successfully won back a game by being kidnapped and threatened with violence.

The coat brother’s family lost his daughter-in-law and was put together.

For this daughter-in-law, the coat brother used to accompany her live broadcast when he was not working.

The daughter-in-law said that the house was too noisy, so the coat brother pushed off more than a dozen commercial performances and spent three months to build a new building for it, and Chen Yanan never went to live once, did not look at it, so that the coat brother’s family lost money.

Now, Chen Yanan has a new avatar, wearing a uniform and a ponytail and boxing gloves, full of vitality. It’s time to start streaming again.

The only thing that the coat brother felt gratified was that Zhu Xiaowei, who was disliked by Chen Yanan, finally cheered up at the trough, not only took a driver’s license, but also learned to live broadcast, intending to work hard to repay his parents’ nurturing grace.