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How to wear it in winter is what many sisters who like to wear skirts are most worried about in winter. The skirt is good-looking and lean and hides meat, women of any body like to wear it, but it is a pity that it is a little cold to wear in winter. But designers saw a business opportunity. For example, a variety of warm skirts, such as tweed skirts and thick skirts, are designed.

At the same time, skirts are also exclusive in winter

collocation method,

Japanese women wear skirts like this in winter, full of girly feeling, no wonder cherry blossom girls are so cute. Japanese matching is quite sweet and gentle, very suitable for the style of skirts, you can learn Japanese magazines when wearing skirts in winter,

It shows a high-class and girly feeling, and is sweet and warm in winter.

Recommended way to match a thick skirt

There are many thickened skirts, such as tweed skirts, polyester skirts, and skirts made of a variety of thick and textured fabrics

It’s very fashionable and good-looking.

It’s a pity that the thickened skirt is warm and warm, and the sense of ethereal is a little worse, and it needs to be matched with other clothing

to survive the winter.

Wear a relatively light one

Loose padded skirt

, the temperament is high-grade and refreshing, it is best to choose a colorful style, with a colorful coat. Gray-blue skirt with gray-pink coat, brown coat with what will give you off-white skirt, gray tone coat suitable for almost all Morandi colors

Thicken skirts

The thickened skirt is originally very high-end, and the retro literary fan is more prominent after the check pattern, and it will also make the aura highlighted

Intellectual beauty

。 Brown checked skirts are the most common, paired with brown, white and black coats

Very funky

When choosing a checked skirt, you should not only choose the color, but also the size of the checker, the smaller plaid will make the aura more advanced, larger checker

Freer, younger

Gauze skirt

Long gauze skirts are very popular in winter.

Lightweight fabric layer by layer

It is very advanced, allowing you to show the freshness of summer in winter, and at the same time highlight the calm and gentle of winter. There are many colorful styles in the gauze skirt, purple is elegant and noble, yellow is refreshing and sweet, pink

Gentle and peaceful.

Colorful gauze skirts are not difficult to match at all, and it is fashionable enough to wear a simple white knit with a design on the upper body by matching a coat of the same color. Just gauze skirt watching


, but it is fatter than a tweed skirt, especially after wearing it with slightly plump hips, the figure is required

Quite a lot fat.

As long as the buttocks are not exposed, girls with pear-shaped bodies can also wear gauze skirts to go out. When choosing a skirt, wear a strip only than

A longer yarn for the coat

skirt, and tie up the coat, the aura that can be displayed will be very high-class, lady Fan

It’s clear.

The coat and gauze skirt are combined

A skirt

, of course, it is best to choose the same color, the effect is more refreshing. Although this combination clothing style is longer, with the design of the waist cinched, you don’t have to worry about showing short legs.

Floral dress

Floral dresses are super popular in all seasons, but in summer people wear more colorful gauze floral dresses and dark ones in winter

Floral skirtsMore

The dark floral skirt temperament can also show a very literary effect, but it is a little old.

Wear dark brown ones

Wear it with a ginger coat or down jacket to brighten up your outfit. Wearing a dark gray floral dress with a white sweater with a prominent texture is not only sweet but also very ladylike. The floral dress is still paired with a younger configuration

to look younger.

There are many kinds of floral dresses

Different ways to match,

You don’t have to worry that you only have one set to choose from, which is monotonous. It’s like putting it on

Dark gray and white floral dress,

You can highlight the vintage style of the garment by pairing it with a dark brown sweater. It can also be paired with black

of cropped cotton clothing

, making the aura even cooler. Of course, it is paired with a long gray coat

Choosing a gray and white floral pattern will allow you to change the skirt to light colors when matching dark clothing, dark colors when matching light clothing, and the contrast effect can even change the temperament of a skirt.

Other combinations of winter dresses to share

Winter with skirts

There are many ways

, mainly by matching a variety of different designs of coats, to show a full sense of fashion. The coat is

The most common way to match

, The best choice for matching a skirt is a long coat, and both outfits are equally high-end

Vintage Van.

For short people there are still a few pieces

Short coat,

The plush fur is good, and the plush texture is very temperamental with the tweed skirt. You can also choose a thick blazer, the short design is very smart, and the skirt with a better drape is even better


If you tie your coat,

There are many more options. When you want to wear it with elegance and cuteness, you usually choose to tie your coat

Wear more timely

Hip. A cropped jacket with a short skirt and boots shows off the legs and is very sweet. Wear a long coat

A long flowing dress

, Lady Fan Elegant Fan are very prominent.

However, as long as you tie the jacket and wear it, you must pay attention to the waist design of the jacket, especially the long coat, otherwise the effect of wearing it

Too short.

Very funky

Floral dress