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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

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Desktop use wireless Internet must have a wireless network card, wireless network card in the major online platforms are sold, you can buy one online, you can also buy in the offline computer market, here I will not take screenshots on the Internet, wireless network card with antenna and without antenna, speed has a relatively high speed and general speed, everyone according to their needs to buy on the line.

After buying a wireless network card, directly insert the computer USB interface can generally be used directly, most of the current wireless network card, are not installed driver, the previous old and more special models, may need to install a driver.

After the wireless network card is installed, it is best to disable the previous wired network card, otherwise there may be a network conflict, here we right-click the property on the desktop network icon.

In the pop-up window, select Change adapter settings.

Find your previous wired network card, mine is the local connection on this picture, here right-click on it to disable it.

After disabling the wired network card, you can connect to the wireless network card, there is a wireless network card connection in the lower right corner, click on him to appear the wireless network near the surrounding area, select the wifi of your own router, and then enter your account password to connect successfully, and you can access the Internet wirelessly after the connection is successful.

Wireless Internet access is still a little more convenient than wired Internet access, wired sometimes the router is far from the computer, but also need a very long network cable, so some inconvenient, wireless Internet disadvantage is, the network may sometimes have a delay, in the game of competitive games may be stuck, so if the network latency requirements are relatively high, or need a wired connection, if it is a daily fight landlord, watch a movie, to require the delay is not too high, or you can use a wireless network card.

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