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Some people think that the girl touched a thread there one day and pulled it out, which was the optic nerve.

Zou Zou, director of the ophthalmology department of Guangzhou General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region

Chief physician of Yuping

Explanation, such a statement has no scientific basis and is not in line with common sense. I don’t know why such a statement is circulating, now let’s talk about the irrationality of it.

Chief physician Zou Yuping said that the optic nerve is composed of central nervous system fibers, which mainly conducts visual impulses. The optic nerve travels posteriorly and inward through the optic nerve tube into the cranial fossa, connects to the optic chiasm, and then connects to the diencephalon through the optic tract. In a simple sentence, the optic nerve is not on the earlobe, and there is no such thing as being pulled out.

All in all, there is no optic nerve at the pierced ear, and the piercing will not harm the optic nerve, and there is no blindness if it is pulled out. Ear piercing can easily lead to infection or allergies, affecting women’s health, it is recommended that you ear piercing please treat carefully.

Moreover, hitting the ears requires a lot of attention, it is best to hit in autumn and winter, it is not easy to infect. In these two seasons, bacteria are not easy to breed, and it is best not to take off the ear piercing that has just been hit, and do not take it off in the bath. In addition, it can be disinfected morning and night, and the disinfection effect of eye drops is better than that of disinfectant. Do not get wet, add it once after dipping in water, because it is easy to cause infectious inflammation. Some people are disinfected with alcohol, and in fact, disinfection with alcohol will cause the tissues to swell and the ears to swell into sea cucumbers. Hydrogen peroxide is too irritating to the skin and can easily leave scars, depending on the individual skin, you can choose to wear silver earrings or plastic ear sticks.

Mentoring Experts:

Zou Yuping, Chief Physician, Associate Professor, M.D., Director of Ophthalmology, Guangzhou General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Region.

Specialty: He has tens of thousands of cases of cataract and retinal vitreous surgery, and is good at various cataract surgery, retinal vitreous surgery, and combined surgery for the anterior and posterior segments of the eye for eye trauma.

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