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Mobile phones are now more and more, each person is basically necessary, many people will definitely decorate the mobile phone in normal times, such as the system interface of the mobile phone, change the wallpaper or theme, etc., so that the mobile phone can look more pleasing to the eye, and the appearance can also be improved a lot, in addition to decorating the inside of the mobile phone, now most people will also put a little more effort on the appearance of the mobile phone, such as bringing some mobile phone cases with higher appearance or some other small accessories. Simple decoration can indeed make the phone a unique landscape.

But do you know how lovers of handmade crochet decorate and protect their phones? Of course, it is made of wool crochet to make mobile bags and coats, which are not only creative, but also very good-looking and durable. Some can be carried.

Well, let’s take a look at these creative crochet mobile phone bags with Xiaoai~

After looking at so many crochet mobile phone bags, isn’t it very envious, each one is very unique and good-looking. Do you want to have one yourself? The following Xiaoai will share with you the illustrations of 4 very creative mobile phone bags and share them with everyone to learn and use.

Pink piglet phone bag

Cat phone bag

As a cat lover, cats are deeply popular, today this cat mobile phone bag to share with you little fairies, collect Oh!

Crochet alpaca phone bag

This camel bag is an illustration of Su Su’s sister’s family released last year, cute and versatile. Not only suitable for children, but also beautiful for big friends to carry on their backs, let’s take a look at the illustration below.

Well, remember to post pictures when the bag is ready.

Small square bag with tender powder

are simple stitching, with beautiful accessories, you can make a cute mobile phone bag, not only can effectively protect the mobile phone from being broken or scratched, but also make the mobile phone look more fashionable, self-use to send friends are a good choice.

Well, today’s work sharing is here, welcome to leave a message to discuss.


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