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While shirts are good, they always have a reputation for being rigid and modest, and slightly improved denim shirts can make them an indispensable versatile item in autumn. From celebrities to street hipsters have quickly taken over the streets with denim shirts these days!

Most actresses choose to wear denim shirts as a T-shirt underneath a jacket, which is not too heavy and windproof like other coats. Xi Mengyao Denim on Denim’s wearing method is chic.

Guan Xiaotong’s private clothes have always taken a casual and relaxed route, and this denim shirt was worn by her to taste like a boyfriend.

Zhang Xueying uses an oversized denim shirt with shorts to create a missing underwear method, which not only looks tall and thin, but also shows the lively girlish attribute.

The most able to wear is Qi Wei, with a belt to unlock a new match of jeans. It solves the problem of no waist due to looseness, and also creates a sense of vitality in the street.

The denim shirt really looks good no matter how you wear it, but you also need to be scheming when matching, you see Shen Mengchen accidentally entered the pit. It’s okay to choose a denim shirt that fits, but with the same denim-colored tights it looks a little low, although the figure is highlighted, but the look is really not fashionable.

So how exactly should you wear a denim shirt? Rui-chan gives you four tips for Amway.

1 Cowboy on Denim

The way to wear denim has long been not fresh enough, but it is not easy to interpret it unique and personal, the first thing to pay attention to is the color of denim, dark and light matching is naturally the simplest choice, but different shades of dark tannins can also create a rich sense of layering, plus scarves, necklaces and other accessories are even more effective.

If you’re used to blue denim, try a mix of white denim and blue denim, which is very refreshing and can also brighten the denim tone.

It is not difficult to match the same color denim, just need to distinguish the material or style of the denim upper and lower to achieve a refreshing and neat look.

Wear a denim shirt with a skirt to new heights in early autumn, and choose a bright bag to decorate with a denim hue.

2 denim shirts are knotted

Denim shirts are handsome, and knotting the hem of a denim shirt is doubly handsome. Moreover, the knot at the waist can also bless the high-waist attribute, highlighting the perfect figure with a thin waist and long legs.

Pairing a denim shirt with a long skirt is an option you have to try in early autumn, and the loose shape of the denim shirt with a long skirt can highlight the waist without looking pretentious.

Even the suspender mix denim knotted shirt you’re least afraid to wear can be paired with a chic outfit that goes out casually. Not only does it reduce age, but you don’t have to worry about temperature at all.

3 Shirts as coats

Denim shirts are a common way to wear them as a jacket, and the point is that the shirt should be loose, but never silly.

Wear it with a tight underwear that fits the shoulders, with an American feel and not too casual.

The way to wear clothes that is not good is very practical when used in jeans as a coat, and the wearing method of half-open and half-tied buttons is sexy and advanced.

4 Fitted shirts tuck into bottoms

Many people’s wardrobes are more fitted denim shirts, but this style is not so high-end to wear open, so you may wish to wear it alone with high-waisted pants to create a long-legged shape.

Connecting a fitted shirt with pants with a vintage belt is definitely an eye-catching look for autumn. Roll up your long sleeves and your arms are not only slimmer, but also create a feminine look.

Whether it’s a skirt or pants, be sure to choose high when tucking a shirt into a bottom! Waist! style, otherwise you will become a dwarf of five or five.

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