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With sunshine in early spring and warmth in winter, this should be the ideal season in everyone’s heart. However, the warmth of winter has to be fought for by yourself~

Wear clothes and change into the year’s most popular tweed pants that will keep you surrounded by warmth from the inside out, from head to toe. If you want to appreciate the charm of tweed pants in more detail, then read on!

[Chapter 1] Tweed pants that everyone loves

(No.1) The main features of tweed pants

(1) The fabric has thickness, straight and not easy to deform

The tweed texture is a typical animal wool blend, although it is not skin-friendly, but it is also harder and thicker than ordinary denim fabric, which can easily withstand the cold wind of winter, and is thinner than other plush pants!

(2) Strong sense of straightness in the contour

The most commendable is the fit of the tweed pants, whether it is casual wide-leg tweed pants or practical slim tweed pants, which has a very neat straight silhouette, which corrects the leg shape while making it easier to maintain the fit than other pants.

(3) It is advisable to have a certain sense of distance dressing style

When it comes to dressing style, due to the support and straight line of tweed, tweed pants have more abstinence and elegance than ordinary pants.

It is also this unique temperament that makes tweed pants more suitable for some dressing styles with a sense of distance than other pants.

For example, frigid wind, minimalist style, workplace style. Let you feel high and texture, but will not look old at all~

(No.2) Tweed pants vs jeans

Before the tweed pants became popular, wearing had always been the home of jeans. But compared to the more fashionable and warm tweed pants, jeans don’t seem to have such a distinct advantage in winter.

Jeans do not have warmth and self-heating functions, which means that ordinary people wearing jeans may not be able to adapt to the cold temperature in winter, and it is not as easy to wear texture as tweed pants. No wonder so many young ladies prefer tweed pants this year!

[Chapter 2] Usage of various common tweed pants

(1st category) High-waisted slim-fit tweed pants

* Pants selection

The leg is 1-2cm wider than the widest part of the leg,

The length should be nine or eight minutes long, the color should be low-key and basic, and the fit should be high

High waist and low crotch.

* Pairing suggestions

The most important thing in matching high-waisted slim tweed pants is to keep them clean and fresh.

Choose solid colors for shoes, straight lines for coats, and no more than three color systems for overall colors. If the figure is not good, it is necessary to use the outer width and the inner tightness, and the upper width and the lower tightness.

> classic combination: French white shirt + black tweed pants

It’s not too easy to make it clean and refreshing! The color matching is black, white, gray and brown, and you can wear a good temperament without braining.

The classic French white shirt is paired with high-waisted cropped tweed pants, and the neck is embellished with a gold necklace, and the bag and shoes echo the combination of fairies who can go out beautifully in five minutes!

(Type 2) Wide-leg long tweed pants

The length of the trouser leg is just the instep of the foot,

Do not pile up on the upper, otherwise it will cause a bloated feeling. The color should be solid, and the waist design should be simple.

Wide-leg tweed pants that are too loose can be combined with neutral casual pieces,

Wear it with ease, such as sweatshirts or knits.

Light-colored tweed pants can be worn in the same color or adjacent color to create a fairy feel.

> classic combination: wide-leg tweed pants + canvas shoes

The inner layer maintains a uniform black from head to toe, and such a smooth color inner layer can lengthen the body, which is a must-learn way for small people~

The milky white cashmere coat warmly wraps the body, and the loose wide-leg tweed pants are paired with white canvas shoes, which may seem careless, but it can make people feel boundless beauty.


The third category) wide-leg tweed pants

The width of the trouser leg does not exceed shoulder width, a high waist is necessary,

The color should be low-key, try to choose nude, black, or earthy tones.

The seven-point wide-legged tweed pants are right at the slimmest position of the calf,

So be sure to wear nude heels, slim-fitting flats or slim pointed-toe boots to expose the calf line and extend the leg line.

> classic combination: cropped tweed pants + pointed-toe high-heeled naked boots

Cropped wide-leg tweed pants are actually difficult to match, so be sure to pay extra attention to how you match them.

With the same color matching method, the color of the pants and boots is uniform, but there is a contrast between width and narrowness, and the design of high-heeled boots can also add a lot to the overall ~

(Category 4) Classic checked tweed pants

Check patterns should choose a check pattern with small intervals, and try to maintain the same color or adjacent colors of different shades as much as possible. The pants must be aligned with the pants at the panels

, so that there is texture and detail.

The combination of simplicity and tradition is the central rule of pairing with checked tweed pants

, Remember this matching idea, you can get most of the plaid pants matching!

> classic combination: black coat + brown checked pants

The black coat must be structured and straight, and the leather trim in the details suddenly opens up the gap from the ordinary coat.

The brown tweed pants add a bit of British college atmosphere to the whole, and the combination with black pieces perfectly combines temperament and aura!

[Chapter 3] Choose the tweed pants that fit you

(Pick the color) is based on personal aura

You can’t go wrong with black tweed pants, and they’re versatile, but they’re more figure-catching.

People with large skeletons are more suitable for wide-legged designs, and people with small skeletons are more suitable for slim designs.

White and beige are particularly temperamental to wear and have the effect of lengthening the legs. Earth-toned checked tweed pants for everyone,

But thick legs and short and fat body need to stay away as much as possible~

(Pick the shape) is based on the individual’s body shape

Small people are perfect for slim cropped tweed pants,

If it is a small skeleton figure, choosing a light color will be more fairy.

Tall people are more suitable for loose and long models with more aura

, with pointed toe shoes and basic pieces, it’s beautiful to wear casually.

[Chapter 4] The most fashionable combination of tweed pants

(Group 1) Workplace Competence: Suit + Tweed Pants

Suits are a must-have for professionals, and after combining the warmth and fashion of tweed pants, regular suits can look better than ever!

The classic camel suit makes you fall in love with it at a glance, with a light apricot underneath, so you don’t have to worry about black. High-waisted tweed pants with high heels, full aura~

(Group 2) Aura Sister: Silhouette coat + tweed pants

If you have a pair of fitted tweed pants, don’t miss the perfect combination of a silhouette coat and tweed pants.

The color-block silhouette tweed coat temperament without losing the sense of design, layered collarbone, high-waisted tweed paper bag pants combined with the elegance of brown naked boots, like a very well-cultivated aristocratic son~


If you want to break through your previous self, you must dare to try new things.

This year’s trendy tweed pants have been confirmed by many fashionistas: fashionable and thin and warm tweed pants are more suitable for winter than jeans!

If you don’t want to fall behind and want to embrace the unique warmth of winter, then try tweed pants~

* Pants selection

* Pants selection

* Pants selection

* Pairing suggestions

* Pairing suggestions

* Pairing suggestions