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Hello everyone.

On the first day of the new year, our Guangzhou is warm and humid, with the smell of spring. The head is slightly dizzy and the body is heavy, which is the characteristic wet feeling of spring. It took a long nap to get better. After taking a few glances at yesterday’s New Year’s Eve tidbits, I found a new trend. Polka-dot stockings for several people penetrating the wind. These socks should turn red in the spring.

Li Yuchun has been very busy these two days and appeared at the New Year’s Eve party of CCTV and Jiangsu Satellite TV yesterday. The New Year’s party on Sichuan TV that appeared again today was very popular. She looked very good yesterday, cross-dressed many times, and every time she was very stylish. Among other things, these black polka-dot stockings are very good, fashionable and a little sexy. She wears a black and white fur coat. Very ladylike.

Chunchun yesterday black polka-dot transparent stockings with two outfits. This time I wore a white mid-length hooded sweatshirt. Play with the underwear disappearing. Stylish and handsome. This outfit is good on stage, and it looks good in daily wear. Playing with the disappearance of the underwear is the way many girls like to wear. This year, remember to wear a pair of sheer wind stockings with black polka-dots. Wear it with booties, fashionable and handsome without losing your little sexiness.

The immortal goddess Carina Lau participated in the brand event yesterday and wore a large black suit with a short skirt. Also wore a pair of black transparent polka-dot stockings. He wore a pair of single shoes with black stiletto heels on his feet. Intellectual elegance is very young. Polka-dot stockings look more stylish and layered than pure black stockings.

The big black suit is paired with a short skirt, which looks good. Capable and elegant. The 54-year-old Liu Jialing is in good condition and quite young. It is still very sultry to wear a pair of black polka-dot stockings when wearing a short skirt. There is a charm and femininity that cannot be ignored. Add a lively feel to the suit of Itamasa.

Carina Lau still likes this pair of polka dot stockings. She also wore these socks at the event the other day. This time, I wore a black ultra-short suit with a short red and black striped skirt. He wore a pair of black booties on his feet. Handsome fashion looks very young, this look does not look like a person in his 50s at all. It is not contrary to say thirty. Black polka-dot stockings are more special, a very fashionable item, and they will be exposed when worn. So it’s better to wear it with a short skirt or shorts.

I saw that both Carina Lau and Li Yuchun were wearing these pair of polka-dot stockings, and it felt like a trend. So I went to the gallery and searched for it. My goodness. Don’t wear too many people. Since September 2019, this trend has been blowing. Above, Tom Cruise’s ex-wife Katie Holmos wore a navy blue cropped dress with a pair of black transparent polka-dot stockings and a pair of black single shoes on her feet. Elegant and intellectual, yet stylish. This polka dot stockings are really fabulous.

Julia Roberts, in her 50s, wore black transparent polka-dot stockings at events before. She paired it with a short dress with black polka-dots. The stockings are black transparent mesh. More fashionable. I wore a pair of flat-soled low-top shoes on my feet. This outfit is fashionable and spiritual.

After the event, wrap up in a white midi teddy bear coat. Keep warm and aura. A calf is exposed, and the polka dots on the stockings are obvious, which has a smart and fashionable feeling. It has a lot more charm than solid black stockings.

Fashionable girls can wear shorts with a pair of black polka-dot stockings. The catwalk models are particularly trendy. Wear a burgundy printed color-block jacket. I wore a pair of black shorts. These pants are high-waisted super shorts. The exposed area of the legs is large. Wear a pair of black transparent polka-dot stockings. Pair it with burgundy over-the-knee boots. Handsome, fashionable and stylish.

The two girls in the picture above not only bumped into their shirts, but also hit their socks. The two wore the same black V-neck midi cardigan, both as skirts. Then they all came with a pair of polka-dot stockings with black sheer wind. Even the shoes on the feet are exactly the same. The latter is a supermodel. I can’t remember the name for a while. This long leg is thin and straight. The figure is exceptional. Wearing black transparent polka-dot stockings will be exposed in a large area. So short skirts or shorts are a good match.

When walking the red carpet and wearing a short skirt, it is still quite eye-catching with a pair of fashionable socks. The girl wore a short green and black striped dress shaped like a butterfly. With a pair of black transparent polka-dot stockings. There is also a black butterfly behind the black shoes worn on the feet, which echoes the top. Stylish and elegant.

Snow White Lily Collins also wore transparent polka-dot stockings. She wore a small black tight one-shoulder dress when she attended the event. Paired with a pair of polka-dot stockings with black sheer wind. It’s really skinny to look at. This set is stylish and elegant, and it is quite good-looking.

Who is this girl? I didn’t recognize it. She wears a white midi dress, loose and comfortable, with a fairy atmosphere. This dress is a small high neck, which looks very expensive. Paired with a pair of black polka-dot stockings, black Mary Jane heels on her feet. The polka dots of her stockings are relatively large and relatively eye-catching, and although the large polka dots are more eye-catching, they are relatively fat. No polka dots elegant.

The small wave dot gives people the feeling that there is a little sullen, secretly rubbing charming, silent sultry.

Do you think black polka-dot stockings can only be worn at events? Of course not, it’s also beautiful to wear in daily life. This girl dressed like the picture above is good. She wore a short black leather coat with a short skirt with small green flowers. She wore a pair of black transparent polka-dot stockings and black loafers on her feet. Handsome, stylish and street-like. Particularly good-looking.

Polka-dot stockings don’t have to be stockings. I see there are still people wearing black short polka-dot stockings. Pictured above, the fashionable lady wore a pair of short black polka-dot stockings. She wore it with a leopard-print midi coat with a black turtleneck sweater and a short gray skirt. On the feet is black Mary Jane. This pair of socks is indeed eye-catching. But this is also the way people complained about the way to wear soil a few years ago. This year is a popular sign. Fashion is really a reincarnation.

This lady is even more fashionable. She not only wore polka-dot socks. And he wore a pair of mid-tube socks with colored polka dots on a white background. Even more fashionable is a pair of transparent boots with PVC. Then wear a black and white houndstooth skirt coat with a white polka-dot dress underneath. It’s really fashionable.

In this way, it seems that the black polka-dot transparent pantyhose are more imposing and easier to wear. When wearing these transparent polka-dot socks, it is best to wear them with short skirts or shorts, so that they are more fashionable.

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