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Pineapple lattice antiseptic wood flower stand advantages

  Many people may be saying how good the pineapple lattice antiseptic wood flower stand is, you may be listening to your family, or you may be listening to the neighbor who raised flowers, but maybe you are not around to use the antiseptic wood flower stand people, which makes it difficult for you to choose, although everyone is saying good, but have not seen it with their own eyes, have not personally used, and do not know what the real situation is, then Dalian prosperity antiseptic wood manufacturers are now here to give you a detailed introduction, I believe you understand it, and have tried it yourself, You know what is good about the antiseptic wooden flower stand.

  Pineapple lattice antiseptic wooden flower stand has better waterproofness. In this way, when you clean the flower stand, you don’t have to worry about using clean water to clean up the flower stand will make the flower stand damp, and it is much more convenient and faster to clean up than ordinary wood flower stands, so that cleaning the flower stand frequently also allows your flower stand to last longer.

  Pineapple lattice antiseptic wood flower stand has better antiseptic properties. This point is the largest feature of the anti-corrosion wood flower stand, because the chemical treatment of the anti-corrosion wood is used, so the flower stand has better anti-corrosion, and there is no need to worry about rotting after a period of use.

  Pineapple lattice antiseptic wood flower stand has better insect repellency. Because the flower stand is climbed by plants, it is inevitable that some small insects will appear in normal times, but because the antiseptic wood has been treated with insect control, the insect resistance is very good, and it protects your plants while protecting the flower stand itself, which can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

  These are the advantages of pineapple lattice antiseptic wood flower stand, of course, there are many, many more, Xiaobian will introduce you here today, the real use of such a way, you need to experience it yourself, I believe you will not be disappointed.

  Pineapple lattice embalming wood flower stand style

  At present, the outdoor antiseptic wood flower racks mainly undertaken have the following forms: (1) Gallery flower stands. In a common form, the plates are supported on the left and right beams and columns, and visitors can enter to rest. (2) Piece flower stand. The sheet plate is embedded in a unidirectional beam and column, cantilevered on both sides or on one side, and the shape is light and lively. (3) Freestanding flower stand. Various materials are used as spaces to form walls, vases, umbrella pavilions, etc., and are wound and shaped with vines for ornamental use

  Outdoor flower stand production is the use of solid wood flower stand, pineapple grid is an imported solid wood, the material is very hard, the stability performance is very high. Modern people are increasingly pursuing high-quality and healthy life, and solid wood flower trellis are gradually approaching people’s lives. The materials used in the solid wood flower stand are all pure natural wood, no paint, zero formaldehyde. Assembling and disassembling are very simple. Products can be recycled and reused when they are endowed!