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The temperature drops quickly, women in the choice of clothing also began to add layer by layer, take sweaters, as a must-have item this season, its practicality is absolutely undoubted, of course, want to be fashionable and good-looking, sweater choices and matching aspects can not be too simplistic, especially not too decent.

Jin Chen graduated from the Dance Academy, but did not think that her sister was shining on the film and television dramas, of course, with a strong basic figure, Jin Chen is dressing up this piece, is also very eye-catching, every time she appears, she will make good use of her figure, seemingly basic items, but hard to concave a good figure.

Dressing tips: thick needle sweater, low warmth effect but personality

There are many kinds of sweaters, according to the thread to divide, there are thick and thin lines, the two don’t look at the word difference, but have a different effect, whether it is warm comfort or in fashion, are their own shortcomings, take the thick line, close to the body is more uncomfortable, not as perfect as the thin line, but the sense of fashion it is better.

After visiting Disney, Jin Chen appeared at the airport, wearing a thick sweater, pure white style printed with black cartoon logo, can be regarded as getting rid of the monotony of pure color, the whole dress is exquisite and stylish, very delicate, looks very good-looking.

Dress tips: Wear big or not small, show your youth and personality

Today’s trend circle, women in the choice of clothing is really varied, colors, styles, etc. can present a different sense of fashion, take the style, young women prefer to choose plus-size items, loose fit without a sense of restraint, plus thick knitted sweaters are also the same, close wear will reduce comfort.

It can be seen that compared with when visiting Universal Studios, Jin Chen, who appeared at the airport, completely changed his style, a plus-size sweater, loose and stylish, and his sister’s figure was particularly petite, and when he visited the studio, he was completely like the two.

Dressing tips: white on top and black on the bottom, perfect visual difference highlights the charm

The main point is to get rid of the monotony of the driver’s clothing, so as to highlight the charm of the shape, especially in the face of basic items, often because of the consistent color of the upper and lower colors, greatly reducing the beauty of the shape, on the contrary, one up and down, providing a sharp visual contrast not to mention, but also very eye-catching.

The shape chosen by Jin Chen is a similar dress, you can see that her sister is a loose white sweater on the upper body, and the bottom is black straight pants, black and white, even if the figure is five or five, there is no lack of highlights, looking young and personal.

Dressing tips: Dress up low-key and too decent, no work clothes to be amazing

It is said that people rely on clothes and horses to saddle up, and female stars are the same, when facing basic items, they will also show a relatively simple side, so when dressing up, you must learn to use various details and dressing methods to avoid the overall monotony and show your good charm.

This time, Jin Chen’s dress is obviously too decent, a little too low-key déjà vu, fortunately, full of details, fisherman hat small wallet, otherwise I really can’t see that this is the dress of a female star.

QS: What does Jin Chen look like when he goes to work?

Choose Tips: Sexy and stunning

There is no doubt that women’s clothing is indispensable to sexy elements, but today’s sexy dress is not so vulgar, but a unique one. Take Jin Chen’s class clothes, deliberately cut the one-shoulder shirt skirt, skillfully exposing the skin, in fact, even if there is no skin exposure, it is very photogenic, the metal chain is shapely, stepping on Martin boots, the waist is thin and the legs are long, very eye-catching.

Choose Tips: Amazing girl group style

Use the style of the women’s group style to describe a style of the trend circle, I believe everyone is very recognized, especially the dressing based on crop tops, which can be called the most female, of course, everyone’s requirements for crop top clothing are getting higher and higher, and the basic model is difficult to get up. Jin Chen’s printed strap crop top with a white short skirt is a typical difference up and down, with a good figure, it is too beautiful.

Choose Tips: Elegant temperament

Dressing conservatively is also a good look, but when facing these pieces, the details must be taken right, and the clothing pattern and various inner details can enhance personal charm. This Jin Chen did very well, the single-breasted knitted jacket was worn with the same clothes, not only maintaining consistency, but under the background of the slim fit, the figure was graceful and stylish, which was very stunning.

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