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After the fifteenth day of the first month, the weather in many parts of the country began to slowly warm. Many basketball people have such doubts: how to wear it in the lukewarm season of spring?

Basket people will recommend to you today, basketball people like to dress the way to make you a beautiful boy on the court.

1. Layering of jerseys and sweatshirts

The black sweatshirt is layered with a bottom and the white jersey is worn outside, which is both sporty and trendy. You can wear it in layers or alone, and switch freely between life and playing. The black and white contrast outfit gives people a different feeling overall.

Second, the design of jerseys and sweatshirts

The chest of the jersey has elements of HOOPDAY and basketball, flaunting the personality of the basketball man. The chest of the sweatshirt has the pattern of BASKETMAN, which represents the identity of the basketball man. Both pieces can be worn alone, with both sports and leisure functions.

Third, the quality of jerseys and sweatshirts

The jersey is made of polyester fabric, the upper body feels comfortable and breathable, this material is less easy to deform, so that you wear it without trouble. The sweatshirt is made of cotton and spandex fabric, cotton is the role of warmth, spandex has anti-pull properties.

4. Wearing of jerseys and sweatshirts

Layering jerseys and sweatshirts is a popular style this year. The basket man recommends that when you wear it, you can match it with spool pants and sweatpants, as well as cargo pants and jeans, which are the choices of trendy men. When worn alone, the sweatshirt can also be worn inside or outside.

5. Size of jersey and sweatshirt

Both jerseys and sweatshirts are in European sizes, and everyone can choose according to their height, weight, bust and length. Basket people suggest that fans who like loose can choose 1 to 2 sizes larger. Especially sweatshirts, if you usually wear them alone, you can also choose a larger one.

I believe that through the above introduction, everyone has a certain understanding of the layering of jerseys and sweatshirts. The basket people hope that spring will blossom as soon as possible, and also hope that everyone’s ball skills are getting better and better!

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