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The living room and dining room are connected together, what kind of lamp looks good? 6 combinations to relieve your troubles

The living room and restaurant are connected together is a more common apartment type, the two areas are in the same space, want to “get along harmoniously”, the choice of lamps is also a must pay attention to, then what lamps in this living room and dining room connected to the apartment type will be more beautiful, I have the following suggestions:

1. “No light” + chandelier

Do not set the main light, use downlights or spotlights as the main lighting, usually in the living room area; The use of chandeliers to achieve lighting effects, usually in the dining room area, because the chandelier hangs at a low height, placed in the living room to obstruct the view and also hinder daily activities, but placed above the dining table, these problems not only do not exist, but also provide a better lighting atmosphere when eating.

The combination of “no lamp + chandelier” in a small space will not only add a sense of dislocation to the space and enrich the level of the space, but also will not make the space “crowded” due to the installation of two “lamps”; Because only one decorative lamp exists, the choice of chandelier can be matched with the decorative style, and there is no need to worry about whether it matches other lamps.

2. “No main light”

The design without main lights can make the space look more open, but the top surface should have a slight shape change, if only the large flat roof is easy to make the space very “flat”, no change is easy to make people feel “boring”, especially in a larger area of the living room, this feeling will be more obvious.

3. Choose two lamps

I think it can be divided into four ways to choose two decorative lamps in the living room and restaurant: two lamps of the same style, two lamps of the same series, two lamps of the same style and different sizes, and the combination of ceiling lamp + chandelier.

(1) Two lamps of the same style

The two decorative lamps exist in the same space, and I think the same style is the most basic condition, which can not only make the space coordinated, but also retain their “uniqueness”, and the space will be much richer.

(2) Two lamps of the same series

Two lamps in the same series, not only the same material, but also the same shape in it, for example, the two lamps in the figure below, in addition to using metal and glass materials, also use the shape of “small cylinder”, so that the lamps in addition to the style of unity and better response, the integrity of the space is also enhanced a lot.

(3) Two lamps of the same style and different sizes

According to the area of the living room and dining room area, choose different sizes of the same style of lamps, strengthen the style elements in the space, will make the space look “neat”, in my opinion this should be the safest way to choose two lamps will not go wrong.

(4) Ceiling lamp + chandelier

I think that the combination of ceiling lamps and chandeliers can be done as long as the style is uniform, and there will not be too many requirements as to whether it is the same series.

The above is my suggestion for the choice of lamps for guests and restaurants together, I hope to help you, thank you! (PS: The pictures in the article are from the Internet, if there is infringement, please contact me to delete it in time, thank you!) )

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