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Green flower plants

It’s already for people


, Every household, each household will have several pots of green plants to decorate the home,

This consensus is as if it has been negotiated

。 Some people grow green flowers for the eyes, some people hope that it will purify the air, and some people hope that it will purify the air

A different side of yourself

It can be reflected


Some older uncles and aunts grow green flowers just for it

Cultivate the body and mind

Therefore, everyone’s idea is different, and the idea of planting flowers is also different.

Pterostilbene small-leaved no

Knowing that everyone is familiar with it, many people have planted small-leaf rosewood in their homes, and many green plants are

No fragrance

Yes, because it does not bloom, it is normal that there is no fragrance.

But Pterostilbene smallleaf is

A miracle among greenery

, it does not bloom either, but its fragrance is very strong. Pterostilbene is actually a kind of tree and is very valuable. A long time ago, a pot of small-leaf pterostilbene was sold in the market

It costs tens of thousands of pieces

, people usually use rosewood to make necklaces, make bracelet,

It can repel mosquitoes and ward off evil spirits

In ancient times, Pterostilbene small-leaved

Extremely rare

, especially prestigious, usually the places where you can see small-leaf pterostilbene are the homes of dignitaries, they just fancy small-leaf rosewood

Does not rot, unique fragrance

It is the advantage of Pterostilbene small-leaved and its characteristics. Because people in ancient times were

No perfume

Yes, there is no perfume for them to use.

The appearance of Pterostilbene small-leaved leaves them indoors

The air is purified

, so that the scent in the house is very good, because the price is very expensive, so it is ordinary people

Untouchable greenery

。 Even in the new era of socialism, people have never been in the mood to plant small-leaf pterostilbene

Not lowered.

When the small-leaved pterostilbene grows into a green potted plant, it is especially pleasing to the eye when placed at home. Pterostilbene microphylla

Very well grown

, it is a tree in a large forest, baptized by nature, to make it very good

Adaptable to a variety of environments

。 Pterostilbene is very fond of sunlight,

The more sunlight there is


The more vigorous the growth

If you grow Pterostilbene indoors, by winter, take it

Take it into the house,

Also place it on the sunny south side, so that it can be a small-leaved rosewood

Exposed to sunlight

In the future, it will grow very healthy. If you take it to a shady place,

The leaves will turn yellow

, not so turquoise, and the luster on the leaves is not full.

With good ventilation, the small-leaf pterostilbene grows well. Especially after each watering

Get a ventilated place

to avoid pests and diseases. Just like humans,

Get more sun

, can supplement calcium, small-leaf pterostilbene more sun,

The plant will be healthier

。 Also when watering

Be extra careful


I don’t really like water,

So it’s okay to dry the soil, but if the soil is too wet, it will cause its roots to hurt, rot, and even rot

Completely dead

。 Novice Xiaobai does not know how to water when planting small-leaf pterostilbene, it doesn’t matter, you just want

Remember this principle

, you can completely plant small-leaf pterostilbene


The temperature should not be too high, and the sun rosewood at noon is equally afraid,

Avoid the midday sun

, and then let it receive sunlight, for the future

Growth is extremely favorable

。 Pterostilbene should be pruned frequently, so that the plant state will be fuller and look better

There are grades

More noble

You can too

Prune Pterostilbene as you wish

No matter how it is pruned, it grows healthily, indicating that it grows vigorously and suitably

The ability to respond is extremely powerful

。 Friends who like small-leaf pterostilbene may wish to plant a few pots at home and maintain them carefully. We should

Thanks for the new era of socialism

Thanks to the staff who delved into cultivation techniques

, can make such a precious little leaf pterostilbene grow in our own home is particularly healthy. Pterostilbene is especially suitable for placing at home,

Decorate your home

It’s very good at it, and it can make your home reflect

A style like no other.

Pterostilbene has a mellow aroma, whether it is on the balcony, on the desk, in the bedroom a pot is very good, not only reflects the elegant taste of the owner, but also purifies the air to make your residence fresher. And the meaning of small leaf rosewood is very beautiful, meaning auspicious, well-being, town house, prosperity, not only bring you help in life, but also improve your spiritual level. Now is also the best time to plant, don’t miss it if you love Pterostilbene!

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