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Women’s pursuit of beauty is a long-distance run. It does not belong to a certain age of a person, but to the whole of life. 20 years old live youth, 30 years old live charm, 40 years old live wisdom, 50 years old live calm, 60 years old live easy, seventy or eighty years old become priceless. Only a life of beauty and elegance can fight against the years and time, live yourself, and live calmly.

The years are added, not old, the ideal is abandoned, and the twilight years are falling. A woman’s ideal is to love herself well and let herself live elegantly. Today, let’s talk about it

Older woman coat


1. Comfortable and loose knitted jacket

Of all the outerwear styles, the knitted jacket is the most comfortable to wear and the most versatile style. Middle-aged women want to wear knitted jackets out of fashion, in fact, they don’t need many complicated matching skills, and a simple and generous way of dressing is the best. This light pink knitted jacket belongs to a very beautiful young style, the light pink clothing color scheme can perfectly set off the natural rosy skin of the middle-aged woman’s face, and the middle-aged woman does not show her true age after wearing it.

For middle-aged women with a somewhat dull complexion, we can choose bright coat styles for knitted coats in autumn. Like this khaki knitted jacket, the shape of horizontal stripes is designed on the solid color of the body, breaking the monotony of the solid color knitted jacket style, playing a good decorative role, wearing simple but not monotonous, high-end and attractive.

Solid color knitwear is a relatively classic and versatile style, but if middle-aged women want to pursue the age-reducing effect of wearing, we can also choose this type of knitwear style with slightly richer color matching. This green checked knitted jacket has a green and white check pattern on the body of the coat, and the color scheme is rich and colorful, bringing a youthful feeling to middle-aged women.

2. Simple everyday sweatshirt

Sweatshirt should be one of the most commonly worn casual jacket styles in autumn, it is not only suitable for young people, but also for middle-aged and elderly women. At the same time, the shape design of the sweatshirt usually maintains an appropriate sense of looseness, so it is not picky about the figure of middle-aged women, which can play a good effect of covering flesh and showing thinness, and make middle-aged women look less likely to show age.

This red sweatshirt, using a half-turtleneck design, is designed with white and black letter print patterns on the red body, which skillfully breaks the monotony of the red sweatshirt and adds visual highlights to the entire red sweatshirt. The outfit is comfortable and fashionable, making the middle-aged woman look rosy and radiant.

3. Classic blazer that doesn’t pick people

Blazers are the least picky age jacket style, middle-aged women in the choice of blazer, the color does not need to be complicated, to simple basic blazer, durable and practical. For example, this light gray blazer, with high color brightness and slightly lower color saturation, can perfectly brighten the facial complexion of middle-aged women, dress elegantly and dignified, and have a slightly casual comfort in the shape.

4. Age-reducing young denim jacket

As a classic outerwear style that is popular every year, denim jackets can always bring a natural age-reducing effect to middle-aged women. This blue denim jacket has a stiff denim fabric that can effectively outline the upper body of a middle-aged woman. The blue denim jacket is decorated with metal buttons on the bodice to create a casual look.

This denim jacket with jeans is designed with a yellow embroidery pattern to avoid the monotony of the solid color jacket, which is simple without losing the visual focus. The jeans matched on the legs echo the denim jacket in material, linking the upper body of middle-aged women with the lower body wearing, and the style is unified and harmonious, which is suitable for the figure of middle-aged women and the temperament of middle-aged women.

The 65-year-old aunt really can dress up, and in autumn, use these four small coats to create a youthful state, the older the more elegant