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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

The specific steps are as follows:

First, the surface of the stainless steel we want to pull the wood grain is treated cleanly, leaving no dust, especially the welding place must be polished flat without leaving a gap, to ensure that it is smooth and flat from beginning to end.

Stainless steel restaurant case

Second, the second step is to brush a set of anti-alkali primer on the smooth and flat stainless steel, the role of anti-alkali primer is to improve the adhesion of wood grain paint, but also has good waterproof performance, play a sealing role. The primer surface dries for 2 hours and 12 hours to dry, and then brushes the topcoat after the primer dries. (Note: Do not work in an environment below 5°C)

Before construction

Third, brushing the topcoat and pulling the wood grain are carried out in the same step, after we brush the topcoat, we must use a wood grain maker to pull the wood grain up when the topcoat is not dry, to prevent the topcoat from drying out can not pull the wood grain.

After construction

Fourth, finally wait for the topcoat to dry and brush a layer of coverer, the coverer mainly plays a protective role.

The above is the specific operation of stainless steel wood grain, the main raw material is wood grain paint, the tool is wood grain and roller, I hope to help you at present.

Teach you seconds to operate stainless steel to pull out the wood grain