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With the first snow in many places, the early winter has been caught off guard, in the face of cliff-like cooling, autumn clothing is far from enough, I don’t know how everyone’s winter clothing reserves are? Winter jacket is the most important, today I will take you to see, 40-year-old middle-aged women, how to choose a jacket in winter!


The most important thing in winter clothing is to keep warm, and the trench coats, suit jackets and other items we often wear in autumn are now out of fashion, at least the thickness of the coat. The tweed coat can not only protect from the wind and rain, but also very weighty to wear, which can give you a unique sense of security in winter.

At the same time, compared with other winter clothing, the coat is slightly richer, which can not only meet the general warmth needs, but also the fashion is also very guaranteed, just like the two sets of coats in the picture, handsome + powerful aura is particularly eye-catching.

The strong drape feeling of the coat not only brings you the guarantee of temperature, but also has a wealth of choices in the matching, whether it is skirts or pants, it can be easily controlled, meeting all the pursuits of beauty lovers.

When choosing, you can choose according to your body shape and style preferences, women who like the board style can choose the shoulder style in the left picture, and women who are casual and free can try the irregular shape in the right picture.

In the cold winter, a single coat may no longer meet the need for warmth, and many women will choose to wear a one-click velvet sweatshirt or small cotton jacket under a loose silhouette coat.

Although this way of matching is very warm, but it will look a little bloated, more suitable for thin women, if you are worried about fat, it is better to choose a gentle and warm cotton clothing directly!

Cotton clothing

A cotton garment is a piece of thickness between a coat and a down jacket, perfect for transitioning between late fall and early winter.

Silhouette cotton clothing has no fit, it is more friendly and inclusive for women of all sizes, and the loose design is also convenient to match some heavy items inside, which will not make people feel bloated at all.

Cotton clothing can actually make a lot of patterns, many are pure cotton clothing, and some are cotton clothing. This is a very ordinary cotton clothing, the whole piece is covered with cotton that makes people feel warm, and the warmth is absolutely OK.

However, it may look a little stiff when worn, so add a layer of cotton to the coat or lamb wool coat, and the effect will be more fashionable.

Winter coats, the impact of length is very important, if you want to create a more age-reducing and lively feeling, then a short coat will be more suitable for you. But if you pay more attention to the warmth effect, then don’t worry, choose a long cotton suit.


So the last winter must-have item to introduce to you is a down jacket, if you are afraid of cold stars, then in winter a variety of down jackets is your best choice.

The thin waist down jacket, the warmth just shows the curves of the body at the same time, it is definitely the king fried item of this early winter.

Generally, down jackets can be divided into two types, the first is so fluffy, this down jacket looks more fluffy and elastic, wearing it will have a very cute feeling, even black can look a lot girly.

The down on the right looks more flat, less girly but more crisp and elegant, which is very suitable for women in the workplace.

In autumn and winter, choosing a down jacket or dark colors is more domineering, such as black and gray low-key and connotation, and more versatile than bright colors, pick it up will not be disappointed!

The coats for the early winter season are also very rich, I don’t know how prepared everyone’s winter clothes are, get it quickly!