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As a must-have product for home, the current market of shower categories are also endless, so how do we choose a shower that is comfortable and safe to use? First of all, we must understand the various functional points of the shower and the high-quality points of the shower, hoping to help friends who read this article to choose the right shower.


First, the shower category

Second, the characteristics of the shower

Third, the shower function

1. Introduction to the types of showers

Hand shower: Hand shower can also be called a hand shower. It means that the shower can be held in the hand and flushed, and the shower stand is equipped at the same time. The shower stand has a fixed function, most of which can be adjusted in height, which can adapt to the height and bathing habits of most members of the family. Hand showers are the most common type of shower, which is more convenient to use, and the price of the regular model is cheaper, but it has fewer functions. At present, there are also many functional skin showers on the market, the price is about a few hundred yuan, and the functionality is strong.

Top spray shower: the water outlet position is located above the head, the size is generally relatively large, the water outlet method can generally be adjusted, the water outlet force is larger than the handheld shower, and the shower is very comfortable. At present, the top spray shower is more favored by most families and has a more classic design.

Large-size top spray shower: Large-size top spray shower is generally used in star hotels. It has an arrangement design with multiple layers of surrounding water spout, and you can experience different levels of water flow impact at the same time when showering, and the comfort is excellent.

In-wall shower: The water pipe of the in-wall shower is installed in the bathroom wall and is composed of two parts: faucet and top spray. It is very suitable for small bathrooms, and it is more space-saving. However, the in-wall shower needs to reserve a water pipe in the wall before installation, so the in-wall shower is generally agreed with the decoration master before the bathroom decoration.

1. Material

The material of the shower head. It is generally made of ABS plastic or stainless steel. A few retro-style showers make shower heads made of copper.

Compared with these materials, ABS material is cheaper, but it is not corrosion resistant and has a short life. Stainless steel is not easy to rust, but the shape will be relatively single. The all-copper material is relatively weighty, corrosion-resistant, and the appearance is also very high. It is recommended that you choose all copper or stainless steel,

In terms of price, all copper> stainless steel > ABS plastic.

The material of the shower faucet. Generally, there are four materials: copper, stainless steel, zinc alloy and plastic.

The material of the spool. The quality of the ceramic valve core is very good, the high hardness ceramic is very durable, and it has good sealing, will not rust, and will not be jerky to use. For example, Vancoco’s Yuxizi shower is made of fine copper heavy work, ceramic copper valve core, which does not leak water, corrosion resistance and safety.

The material of the shower hose. There are two types of shower hoses: PVC hose and stainless steel hose. Both hoses have their own advantages, and the specific choice depends mainly on personal preference. However, pay attention to whether there is anti-winding, how the resistance to flexion is, and whether there are anti-torsion-resistant ball bearings at the joint.

Electroplating process. Plating process for showers. The electroplating process of the shower surface is very important, and it will not take long for a bad shower to be bought home, such as spots, bubbles, rust and peeling. The process materials of big brand products will be more assured, and the quality can be guaranteed.

Judging the good and bad methods of the electroplating process: 1. There is no blistering on the surface of the electroplating layer 2. The fingerprint quickly spreads after finger pressing 3. After the breath, the water mist on the surface of the shower quickly fades.

The grade of the shower salt spray test. The salt spray test can judge the corrosion resistance of the shower, and the higher the level of the salt spray test, the better. High grade indicates that the main material and electroplating process of the shower are better.

Three. Introduction to the shower function

Air injection function. The air injection technology of the shower refers to the design of adding air grooves in the water channels inside the shower. So the effluent in the shower will be mixed with the air in the air groove, and the effluent will become sparkling water filled with air. The flow of sparkling water will be fuller and softer. The experience is better when showering, and after injecting air, the same use of shower can save about 30% of water. This feature is very useful.

Thermostatic function. The constant temperature function of the shower can balance the water temperature and ensure the temperature of the effluent is stable. It solves the problem of hot and cold water when most friends bathe. This feature can be said to be necessary.

Boost function. The pressurization function of the shower lies in the control of the water flow, increasing the water pressure and upgrading the bathing experience. If the water flow is small and the water pressure is small, the shower comfort will be greatly reduced. Some friends have a relatively small water pressure at home, and it is recommended to choose a supercharged shower when choosing a shower.

When choosing a shower, we can start from these functional points, and after understanding these points, we can choose a trustworthy brand, choose the right shower, and have a better bathing experience.

Second, the characteristics of the shower