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Spring and summer are the seasons to show off your body, and for women who don’t have a perfect figure, it’s important to choose a loose and stylish piece. This spring, it is recommended that slightly fat women wear more sweatshirts, foreign appearance is thin, and especially reduce age, everyone must try!

Sweatshirts are a popular item in early spring, almost everyone wears one, but how to dress and match it to be more fashionable? Closely related to style and color and fabric, this year Xiaobian will take you to take an inventory of the foreign style of sweatshirts, and recommend that you collect.

Wearing method 1: Learn to be wide at the top and narrow at the bottom to optimize the proportion of the body

Loose sweatshirt, regardless of body shape, it is recommended that you learn the rules of wearing wide and narrow up, use the elastic contrast between the upper and lower to highlight the proportion of the body, create a slim figure, hide the flesh to show thinness, and slightly fat women are also very suitable. This year’s popular oversize sweatshirt, with simple small leg pants, straight pants, super tall and thin between one and one release, small people, thick legs, etc. can be boldly worn.

Demonstration (1): Mid-length sweatshirt + straight-leg jeans

Mid-length sweatshirt, loose enough, can cover the waist and hips, very friendly for women with wide hips and thick legs, can cover the figure problem, with a pair of straight jeans, the legs are straight and smooth, the two up and down form a loose contrast, super thin! furthermore

Midi sweatshirt with side slits design

, extending the leg length from the side, more tall.

Demonstration (2): hooded sweatshirt + casual pants

The hooded sweatshirt has a stronger sense of shape, the big hat on the back is super thin to wear, you can reduce the width of the shoulders, and the kangaroo pocket in front is very practical, which can be used as decoration and can also hold some small things. Below with slimmer slacks, full of sportsmanship, wearing sneakers will be more suitable!

Demonstration (3): Sweatshirt + straight skirt

Sweatshirts are paired with skirts, sweet and age-reducing, and are very suitable for younger women. But pay attention to choose a skirt with a narrow hem,

It is better to use a straight skirt and a one-step skirt as well,

The skirt will not be too wide, some slim feeling, and it will not be too loose with a sweatshirt, and it looks more smart and neat. In addition, you also need to pay attention to the skirt design, avoid more layers of cake skirts, with some fine folds, split ends will be better, delicate and elegant, not heavy.

Wearing method two: do a good job of color matching the whole body, showing white and temperament

>>> the same color match, gentle temperament

The color of the sweatshirt is very rich, apricot, pink, purple are dazzling, for women who are not sensitive to color enough, instead of entangled in the problem of color matching, it is better to wear the same color, what color is the sweatshirt, what color to choose for the bottom,

The same color system is connected together, maintaining the overall contour and line,

Tall and skinny, you can’t go wrong! But remember to create a transition of shade so that it is more layered together.

>>> basic color + decors

How to match the black, white and gray basic color sweatshirt with foreign fashion? You can consider combining with the décor, such as gray sweatshirt + polka-dot skirt on a black background, basic color + décor, to create a complex and simple match, rich layers and shapes, and instantly a lot more foreign. Simply wearing decorsal items will give people a vulgar feeling, but with the basic color, it is low-key and restrained enough to easily dissolve the tacky feeling.

Tired of wearing a solid color sweatshirt, it is better to try a striped sweatshirt, round neck design, the body is covered with fine stripes, blue and white, with an age-reducing and refreshing feeling, simple and comfortable, with basic black trousers, one complex and simple, décor and basic color, wearing super stylish. As shown in the picture, the focus is on sweatshirts, pants and shoes are simple and comfortable, with soft and high-grade fabrics, full of high-end feeling.

Dress 3: Look for the law of layering and enrich the layers

(1) Manufacturing layers at the neckline and cuffs

Sweatshirt + Shirt:

Shirt and sweatshirt layered, the shirt inside is recommended to choose a slim fit, cotton and linen, chiffon material can be, when layered with sweatshirt, pull out some cuffs and hems,

Create a rich sense of layering.

In addition, the collar design is best to contrast with the collar of the sweatshirt, such as a standing collar, lapel shirt with a crewneck sweatshirt, the neck is very rich, and the upper body is thinner.

Lace underlay + sweatshirt:

Women who are worried about layering fat can be layered with a big white T or lace base, the material is light and thin, the style is slim, and a collar is exposed when layered, which is not fat at all! For layered pieces, choose white and black for more versatility and accentuate the complexion.

(2) The fabric is thin and thick, not bloated

The secret of layering thinness lies in the thin and thick matching, whether it is a sweatshirt or a layered piece, one thin and one thick, you can avoid bloat and look thinner when you wear it. Light sweatshirt, two stacked, very smart to wear, do not worry about bloat at all.

Cotton sweatshirts can be layered with stiff shirts, lightweight chiffon tops, soft turtleneck undershirts, etc., and the choice of fabric is more important than style.

Wearing method 4: Bright accessories lead the fashionable style


The neckline of the sweatshirt is larger, with a simple necklace, the neck is wrapped around a circle, rich layers, and can also create focus, lining the overall high-grade texture.

Pearl necklace, round and textured, larger pearls will be better, dignified and atmospheric, suitable for middle-aged women. The pearl necklace can be longer, extending the neck line along the necklace! And platinum, gold and silver necklaces, very lustrous, super expensive to wear, it is recommended to choose a delicate, smaller style, to avoid rustic.

Wearing style: A single necklace may not be bright enough, not so foreign, you can try two necklaces of different lengths superimposed on each other to make the neck layer more prominent!

❶ Sweet and foreign

Sweatshirt matching to be more foreign, it is recommended to start from the color matching, sweatshirt and pants, the same color matching, a pink, white and temperamental, close to the head of the sweatshirt, it is recommended to choose light pink, saturation and purity are lower, more white.

Morandi color sweatshirt, very suitable for spring wear, foreign and vibrant, dull yellow skin for women, you can wear bean pink, mint green, gray blue and other colors, cool tones, the upper body is whiter, with blue jeans is also very good.

❷ Light and elegant

Sweatshirt as an underwear, with a high-end coat, blazer or trench coat, the fabric is high-grade and stylish, casual and formal collision, very light mature style. Sweatshirts are not necessarily tender, choose neutral colors such as white and gray, avoid exaggerated patterns, and wear them at work is also suitable.

Wear clothes this spring, don’t get too entangled, choose a sweatshirt, versatile and comfortable, fashionable, how to match it is good! That’s it for today’s sharing, we’ll see you in the next issue!