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Since you want to create a natural living room atmosphere, the weaved pastoral chandelier must be the favorite of young people who have lived in the city for a long time. Fresh and elegant and quiet and pleasant, in the faint light, it seems to bring you back to the countryside where you lived as a child, changing the noise and disorder of urban life, and the warmth of home instantly fills the room.

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Exotic, idyllic chandeliers

Extraordinary creative personalitySoutheast Asian rattan chandelier restaurant, tea room, bar hand-woven bamboo rattan art lampshade

The living room of the young Buddhist family must be indispensable for this simple bamboo chandelier with a touch of exotic style. The curved design of the bamboo lampshade is best matched with a dim bulb, so that the refracted light will be warmer and more romantic, but in view of its weak light transmission, I am afraid that it is a little forced to illuminate, and it is good to set off the atmosphere.

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Vintage rattan, pastoral chandeliers

Catch the lantern club, creative pastoral personality, rattan chandelier, bedroom restaurant, farmhouse, straw hat rattan art, vintage art chandelier

Personality trendy people pursue fashion, but the rattan chandelier is destined to be a kind of paradise life, so decorating such a rattan chandelier is estimated to take you back to the martial arts world written by Jin Yong in the next second. The structure design like a straw hat is simple, but it can also create a classic and unique room.

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Bamboo lanterns, pastoral chandeliers

Chinese style creative bamboo art, rattan art chandelier, Chinese lamps, Japanese dining room, living room, tea room, homestay, bamboo woven small lantern

If the roof of the kitchen or study at home is relatively high and appears very empty, you can choose this Chinese style small house shape chandelier. First, the simple and idyllic temperament is very in line with the quiet atmosphere of the study, and secondly, this kind of three-dimensional looking chandelier, if the shorter room is decorated, it will still be a little depressing.

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Original wood panels, pastoral chandeliers

Chinese chandelier, Japanese creative coffee restaurant lamp, vine art chandelier, farmhouse hot pot restaurant, rustic bark veneer lamp

Exquisite life is indispensable to the design of the leisure area, anyway, it is also set up by the atmosphere, so this stylish bamboo and rattan chandelier can create a rural atmosphere. The rough wooden board and the fixation of bamboo strips have a primitive tribal feeling, but with solid wood tables and chairs, there will be a personality beauty.

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Openwork fish, pastoral chandeliers

Chinese bamboo woven fish-shaped lamps and lanterns, creative Japanese restaurant, hot pot restaurant, farmhouse bar, wood art, bamboo art chandeliers

The previous few styles are more quaint in style, but this one is obviously more lively. The hollow fish shape, although it is also made of bamboo woven material, but the simplicity is mixed with a cuteness, the wrought iron chain is fixed to the roof, if combined with black or retro cultural brick walls, it is even more bourgeois.

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Classical and elegant, pastoral chandeliers

Southeast Asian style Chinese Zen chandelier, bamboo woven lamp, Thai tea room bar, Japanese coffee restaurant chandelier

If the overall tone of the room is more elegant and quiet, it is more suitable to match this chandelier with Zen temperament, with a generous and simple Chinese silhouette, hanging in the room warm and quiet. The bamboo lampshade is mixed with some hollow gaps, so when the light shines through, it will give people a dreamy sense of light, and the cuties who pursue the taste of life should not miss it.

As a complement to the romantic atmosphere in the home space, chandeliers are naturally important to match. The fresh and elegant pastoral woven chandelier cannot open up a forest, but it is enough to fill the home with a fresh rural style.