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The autumn breeze is getting cooler, it is suitable to change into a “foreign style shirt”, with a small skirt is full of femininity. The summer heat has faded, and finally ushered in a slightly cool autumn, which is also a season that many women like. It doesn’t have to be as bloated as winter wear, or autumn clothing is the most beautiful and skinny. Let’s take a look at how these shirts go together!

Velvet lace shirt + A-line skirt

In this cool autumn, the dress is very exquisite, like some short women can choose a foreign shirt with an A-line skirt, not only tall but also very slim and temperamental. The clean body is also very imposing. Perfect for commuting.

Flower bloomer + cropped pipe pants

It is really very important to have a broken flower shirt in autumn, whether it is with a skirt or cropped pipe pants, it looks very elegant and girly, especially age-reducing, with a pair of pointed toe flat shoes, you can go out beautifully, and it is also very capable to go to work.

Printed shirt + high-waisted skirt

The black and white contrast print shirt is also very versatile and fashionable. If you want to wear exquisite and commuting, you can wear it with a suit skirt, especially capable, if you want to wear it lively and playful, you can match it with a vintage blue jeans, foreign style and style, especially stylish.

Embroidered lace shirt + short skirt

The embroidered lace shirt is really too casual and feminine, and it is not picky at all. Suitable for some dates or parties, it is light luxury. It also has some points for the whole temperament appearance, which is very attractive. This is how delicate women are dressed. Pair it with a short skirt and it’s perfect.

Denim shirt + cropped pants

The denim shirt is also the most indispensable piece of daily wear, and the classic and outdated fit is really not too much for everyone. With a pair of black cropped pants, it is also very delicate and sophisticated, and it is also very atmospheric to wear it on weekdays.

Chiffon shirt + leather skirt

This chiffon shirt is really indispensable for autumn, whether worn alone or underneath, it is properly eye-catching, especially when worn with a leather skirt, it is really sassy and feminine, it is really beautiful. Women who know how to dress should wear this in the fall. Very aura