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Shenzhen can always surprise you! In addition to many heart-warming policies that benefit the people and benefit the people, there are also some unpopular ~ vocational and technical personnel “welfare”.

Recently, the reporter noticed that the “Peng” friends around him were attracted by a big goose and pulled full of skills for free! The subsidy is rich and touching! So… The DNA of the girls in Shenzhen who “made money” moved, and the matter of passing on “goose” to “goose” made a big deal …

The thing is like this, recently it was reported on the Internet that the Shenzhen Human Resources and Social Security Bureau gave subsidies to talents with Chaoshan brine skills, each of whom was rewarded with 1,700 yuan, and after passing the examination organized by the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and obtaining a certificate, they could apply for a thousand yuan subsidy.

Since this vocational and technical examination is free of registration fee, and after passing, there are benefits subsidized by the state, which has attracted the close attention of many citizens with culinary talent.

This afternoon, Shenzhen News Network reporter in response to this matter, to Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for verification, relevant staff said that this skill test is true, but after network fermentation, online transmission of document information is biased, the subsequent official will release relevant instructions on this matter.

After the reporter’s inquiry, many colleagues and friends around me paid attention to this matter and decided to sign up, on the one hand, based on culinary confidence and generous bonuses; On the other hand, the training necessary to participate in the vocational skills examination can not only enrich your leisure life, but also exercise diversified abilities.

Exam considerations

The same 9 years of compulsory education “slipped through the net”, 5 years of college entrance examination 3 years of simulation has written a lot, but what is the scene of the culinary vocational exam ??

Image source: IC (Unemployed People Learn to Cook)

Don’t think that you can just “engage in geese” with your hands!! What ID card, admission ticket and yyds signature pen!! All need to drop, of course, there are some “special” clothing requirements.

As a non-professional candidate, hurry up and buy a set of chef’s clothes urgently! If you don’t wear it, you can’t enter the examination room~

Dear crushes who have registered, please transform into rings, earrings, necklaces on the day of the exam, take off your nails and cut them clean!!

Nail art and nail polish are not allowed, be sure to wear disposable gloves when cutting, prepare leather bands or clips to tie your hair all into the chef’s hat, otherwise points will be deducted as appropriate!

“If there are many people and great strength, the goose will take it!” The exam time is two hours, it is recommended that the sisters do not drink too much water before the exam, go to the bathroom before the test, you can’t go halfway through the exam~

Keep the countertop hygienic, remember to blanch the cutting board with boiling water before cutting the ingredients, and the sisters who register recklessly because they are funny do not miss the test room. This is a top priority! Safety first!

It is said that the pass rate is as high as 97%? A pass of 60 points is passed, and you can apply for the subsidy after receiving the certificate.

It is understood that there are a variety of vocational skills examination projects in Shenzhen, netizens who are interested in this and have specialties, we will help you with the registration steps and process! ~

Registration process

Log in to [Guangdong Government Service Network] – [Shenzhen Municipal Service Platform], search for “declaration of vocational and technical appraisal” to select individuals to log in, and then register online.

Subsidy application

After the results are passed, you can apply, as shown in the figure:

Things to know

Application fee: 0 yuan

Registration deadline: 17:00 on November 30th

Announcement time: December 2, 14:00

Exam date: December 5

Exam results inquiry time: 18:00 on December 17

Due to the excessive attention of this exam, as of 17 o’clock on the 25th, the reporter logged on to the relevant website and found that there was no “90-229 tide style brine production” related options.

At 17:00 on November 25, the Shenzhen Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued an “Announcement on Suspension of Registration for Special Vocational Ability Assessment for Chao-style Braised Flavor Production”, indicating that the registration data of the fifth batch of vocational qualification evaluation and special vocational ability assessment in our city in 2021 was obviously abnormal. In order to check the relevant situation and ensure the orderly assessment, it is hereby decided to suspend the registration for the special vocational ability assessment for the production of tide-style brine from 17:00 on November 25, 2021, and the start time will be notified separately.

Although the successful candidates who have registered have a high pass rate on the Internet, if the sisters who participated in the examination can’t taste that … No shame either!! Dare to try and improve your cooking skills, you are the best! (At least…) stick drop)

(Original title: “Shenzhen brine goose has official subsidies?”) The response is coming”)

(Author: Shenzhen News Network)

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