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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

“Unconsciously, I have been buying a car for 3 years, and I bought a sedan that most people who play tuning don’t like, but there is no way who calls themselves like sedans, there are many riders who think that sedans are ugly, in short, turnip greens have their own love! And since I bought the sedan and tried to make it look better! In the past 3 years, it has been constantly renovated, large and small, and it is a vegetarian style. ”

“At the front of the car, a set of ST American front bars has been modified, as well as sports blackened original headlights.”

“17-inch wheels from Makstton with 225/50/17 tyres.”

“The rear part of the car has been modified with SA bilateral rear bar, Thunderbird customized version exhaust bilateral single exhaust.”

“Helplessly, no one in the sedan has developed LED lights, so I can only buy an Audi A7 rear LED brake light!”

“A man runs the mountain with a small fortune! I especially like the curves of the mountain road, there are dozens of curves like this kind of road! Quiet path, one person, one car, fresh air, very pleasant. ”

This issue of Focus modification case thanks to the owner: Swowol

Parts listAero kitAudi A7 rear LED brake light ST American version front bar SA bilateral rear bar body black roof film electronic original automatic headlight + rain sensor module interior original factory mood light top with instrument panel top formula steering wheel assembly with paddle shift wheel wheel rim Makstton-HBR-17 inch Milestone wheel exhaust Thunderbird custom version exhaust bilateral single exit exhaust light sports version blackened original headlight tireswarrior tires 225/50/17 other carbon fiber rearview mirror shell

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