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An extremely simple scarf, but this autumn has become popular in the fashion circle. You may not know its exact name, but it’s often seen in street photography of celebrities and fashionistas – the Acne Studios Canada scarf. How hot is this scarf? Although the price is not cheap and requires 1000+, major websites are killed in seconds as soon as they are on the shelves, and they have been sold out for a long time. In foreign countries, the first thing many people do when they buy it is to immediately go to Instagram to post their achievements. Winter is coming, everyone’s demand for scarves is getting stronger and stronger, what is worth buying today (SMZDM.COM) First take you to see where the Acne scarf fire is, and then introduce a variety of dress-up scarves. Although it is to introduce scarves to girls, don’t go away, quietly choose a chic scarf, tie the warmth around her neck, and she can feel your heart at any time.

Originally from Sweden, designer Jonny Johansson founded this Nordic minimalist label in 1996, and from jeans to smiley shoes, sweaters and scarves, Acne has made fashion circles remember it with simple and comfortable pieces. Although ACNE’s brand is relatively low-key, many people have not heard of it, but it has already created its own world in the entertainment industry, and the major actresses represented by Yang Mi are its loyal fans.

Among them, this year’s hottest minimalist scarf, even if not discounted, often sold out, the reason why it is so popular, in addition to the star effect, its own 100% virgin wool warm material, 1850px×4625px ultra-wide size and minimalist versatile design are also indispensable. Although the price is a little expensive, it is also worth 1000 soft sister coins to buy a scarf that can build the entire wardrobe.

Acne Studios Canada scarf

The high-end gray scarves that make girls around the world want have been sold out, and now there are only a few left on shopbop, including burgundy, black, night blue, army green, etc., and the girls who have used it have reported that Acne is not only beautiful and versatile, but also has a very good texture.

Speaking of texture, here we must first talk about the difference between several commonly used materials of “sheep bleating” products, after all, it is good to wear it warmly and stylishly. The two most commonly used materials for winter clothing are wool and cashmere, cashmere products are 1.5-2 times that of wool products in terms of warmth, and there are many differences between the two in other aspects.

First of all, wool comes from sheep, and cashmere comes from goats. The feel of cashmere is smoother than wool, and a slight wrinkle can be restored to smoothness as long as it is hung overnight, and the most important thing is that cashmere products do not have to worry about shrinkage after washing.

Wool scarves have a thick texture and a tougher and structured silhouette, and wool materials will look larger than cashmere materials for the same length of scarves, especially for wool scarves made of coarse knit. Therefore, wool scarves are more suitable for slender and tall girls, especially girls with slender necks and thin shoulders and backs.

Cashmere scarves have better warmth, softer touch and smoother lines, and simple design cashmere scarves are lighter and softer, full of elegance. Cashmere scarves have a wider audience, and slightly plump and rounded girls are also suitable for warm cashmere scarves, and they are very temperamental with a slightly tough coat jacket.

Although Acne is beautiful, it is difficult to buy, and we can have many other choices in the beautiful winter. Let’s take a look at what all the fashionistas are wearing, and how they bring the whole beautiful warm winter with a very simple piece.

【Nordic simplicity】

The Nordic minimalist style represented by Acne is the most practical and versatile, whether it is with sweatshirts, pants, or with long skirts and coats, handsome and elegant which style can hold.

Club Monaco Talol Scarf Price: $150.00 (about ¥955)

Club Monaco is a Canadian brand, headquartered in New York, USA, its clothing follows the latest fashion trends, but the price is relatively not too expensive, is the favorite of hipster men and women. Its favorite color scheme is the classic and versatile black, white and gray, which is simple and timeless. This new scarf from September 2015 is made from a blend of 90% wool and 10% cashmere for warmth, soft fabric, and light gray to add a touch of color to the dull winter.

Club Monaco Thisbee Scarf Price: $99 (about ¥630)

This scarf has an oversized chevron pattern and fine fringes at both ends that add a lively jump, casual and detailed. Its fabric is brushed woven fabric, 100% woven from wool, and the texture is relatively soft. Sizes are 1575px ×4800px, which will fit well as a scarf or as a shawl. Winter is here, and this warm camel hue can help you resist the cold winter winds.

White + Warren cashmere travel wraparound scarf Price: $298 (about ¥1898)

White + Warren is a light luxury casual brand from the United States, named after the two designers. Known for its stylish knitwear with a modern twist, it is dedicated to creating beautiful, stylish cardigans for women. This scarf is 100% made from luxurious cashmere and comes in extra-wide sizes of 2350px ×5325px, enough to let your imagination play with a variety of concave shapes, interspersed with folds and even around the head (please don’t try it easily), so the guests can play as they please. Many girls like to match this simple scarf with knitted or cotton and linen long skirts, cotton socks, handmade boots, and fluffy hats.

Bickley + Mitchell tassel scarf Price: $49 (about ¥312)

Based in Amsterdam, Bickley+Mitchell is a company that specializes in accessories such as hats, scarves, gloves, socks and more. It is committed to bridging the gap between fashion and practicality, with the goal of making durable fashion items. Bickley+Mitchell’s brushed scarf is woven from a blend of black and white yarns with tassels at the ends that neutralize the hue and overall heaviness. Plus, the solid color panel mix design makes it vintage and sleek.

【Knitted shawl】

Tall girls may prefer a wide shawl over a warm simple scarf. The Oversize silhouette is not only warm, but also easily created with jeans or high boots, making it an indispensable lazy item in winter.

White + Warren cashmere two-wear fringed cape Price: $295 (about ¥2879)

This dual-purpose fringed cape is also from White + Warren, and the elegant and luxurious cashmere shawl is a classic piece for winter warmth. It can be used as a scarf or a cloak, and it is simply a gospel for lazy people who love stinky beauty. Made from White + Warren’s usual 100% cashmere cashmere, it’s lightweight, comfortable and warm. The asymmetrical design is fringed around the perimeter, and it’s a great choice to wear with a chunky sweater and trousers or leather skirt.

Madewell trimmed shawl scarf Price: $80 (about ¥509)

Another big scarf, yes, what I want is this style of walking. Madewell is a young brand under the American brand J.crew, emphasizing refreshing, simple, non-exaggerated style, pursuing daily aesthetics, and has won the title of “Global Women’s Essential Classic Brand”. This wide scarf is made of brushed herringbone woven fabric made of 100% wool and has sleeve holes at both ends. By the way, this large scarf has a popular way to wear it into the waist (as shown below), but the premise is that the waist is thin.

【Printed scarf】

Printed silk scarves basically do not have much warmth in winter, but they can make a single winter one-piece match a multi-layered visual sense, with a delicate thin belt, flowing and feminine.

Diane von Furstenberg tulle scarf Price: $148 (about ¥942)

DVF is a brand worth mentioning, its founder Diane Von Furstenberg is an American fashion designer who was married to the descendants of the German royal family, and at the beginning of her marriage she decided to achieve her own career, not just exist as “XX’s wife”, and later although she divorced her husband, her career became more and more prosperous (gossip over). This scarf comes precisely from her brand. The biggest features of DVF are vintage-style prints and feminine cuts. Made from modal fibres, this scarf is made from a flowing tulle-shaped fabric with a feminine blend and frayed edges on both sides.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Strawberry Thief Price: $124.6 (about ¥793.7)

Marc by Marc Jacobs is a by-line brand of the fashion brand Marc Jacobs, and its unique understanding of retro is a major feature, and it has a solid position in the classic fashion circle in the United States. This printed scarf has a baroque print design and understated luxury colors, and the square size of 3350px ×3350px makes it easy to change the look. It’s made from a lightweight woven fabric made from a blend of 55% silk and 45% cotton. The bright colors make it easy to create a different style in the cold winter.

Well, about the fashion scarf, the editor will introduce you here, these brands are not cheap, but they are coming soon, but Black Friday is definitely worth your collection of this article. If you have other recommended brands, you can also secretly tell the editor, click the upper right corner to submit. I wish you success in the cold winter street recess styling!

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