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Styling analysis:

As you get older, your appearance and youth may gradually change, but your temperament slowly precipitates over time, thus further expanding your aura. For example, Tao Hong, even at this age, her momentum is still very good, this time she chose a black printed lace skirt, which looks like a simple and unpretentious atmosphere, but in fact it is very colorful, white and thin. The print has a relatively large area on the lower body, while the upper body is mainly lace, and the layout is ingenious and exquisite.

Tao Hong, who integrates intellectual, elegant, atmospheric and fashionable, let’s see how she dresses today!

top(1): Printing elements are classical and rustic

The print elements have always been famous for their rustic classics, which not only have an antique elegance, but also have an elegant and gentle atmosphere. The pattern of the print is very cleverly designed, sometimes it is mainly flowers, sometimes it is based on other patterns, but the prints based on flowers look more vibrant, lively and flexible. This also shows the hope that the beauties will be as delicate and beautiful as flowers, forever beautiful, and bloom their charm and aura. The print design is very beautiful and in line with middle-aged femininity.

top(2): Lace elegant and dreamy

Speaking of lace elements, it is nothing more than the three words dreamy, romantic and aesthetic, standing in an important position in the fashion circle with a unique trend, bringing people poetic beauty and atmosphere. Lace elements do not need to be used in large areas to enhance the style of the dress, creating the so-called personality and nobility. Such a beautiful design is stacked on the dress, which gives the cuties a natural high-end atmosphere, creating a different kind of confidence and beauty, the style is not ostentatious but conspicuous, popular with women.

brief summary

: Tao Hong’s temperament is still not inferior to that of that year, and even has the calmness and simplicity unique to this age, and is so gentle in low-key. The black printed lace skirt, whether from the color selection or element design, has been carefully selected, not too youthful and energetic, nor too ostentatious, but precipitated a lot of mood.

More about Tao Hong’s dressing skills analysis:

First, the matching of doll collar and skirt

(1) White doll collar + floral dress: White has always been a very versatile color, so using a white doll collar with a complicated floral dress will show a more youthful and energetic side, fancy styles with clean white, showing a contrasting effect, easily providing an age-reducing atmosphere.

(2) White doll collar + black dress: In the same way, white doll collar is very applicable, with black dress is also particularly attractive, black and white can reflect a minimalist style, or we can also make some patterns at the collar to decorate to enhance our matching charm. It would be perfect if there were balloon sleeves at the cuffs.

Second, how to wear a blazer

(1) Suit fashion matching: Suits are a very professional choice, but in daily life we can also use it to create sexy wear, such as the style of the inner bandeau is particularly foreign, perfectly showing the curve of our collarbone, a pendant at the neck to decorate and embellish, subtly add a sense of seniority and delicacy to dressing.

(2) The classic way to wear a suit: The most classic way to wear a suit is to wear a white shirt inside, wearing a brightest jacket is more youthful, after all, bright colors always bring a bright feeling, or khaki suits for wearing, super aura, feminine, this is to tie a coffee-colored tie, the same color of senior wear will be more suitable for important occasions.

Urban woman Tao Hong’s dressing style is always so wonderful, with outstanding temperament, she is so prominent, no matter what clothes she wears, after all, temperament is one of the important conditions that determine our dressing, girls must achieve a more attractive image through daily exercise. At the same time, the dignified appearance is also a plus for us. Well, that’s it for today’s content, if you still want to know more about fashion, follow me, let’s see you in the next issue!

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The 52-year-old Tao Hong is so hard to fight, wearing a lace dress to reveal underwear, this delicate body is rare in the 60s