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When the season changes, it becomes a “dressing stew”, and it is just time to take off the thick cotton jacket and put on a refreshing thin coat. So what kind of clothes will you wear to express your difference? If you want to be a fashionist in 2021, then this “cropped trench coat” you must not miss.

People change clothes according to the environment, why it is recommended to wear a windbreaker in spring, because it is just a comfortable temperature, there is a temperature difference between day and night, and the windbreaker can just achieve the dual advantages of heat preservation and weight loss. In addition, many little fairies like to change into fancy clothes in spring, but it always becomes an embarrassing scene, but if you put on a trench coat, it can relieve a lot.

When choosing the style of a trench coat, many people will prefer the long one, after all, it looks imposing and simple to wear. But it is sometimes not friendly to girls, and it is easy to crush the figure after wearing an overly long trench coat, and if you are a short girl, you become a five-and-a-half figure. Therefore, Xiaobian recommends wearing a “short” trench coat to unlock a variety of outfits.

The advantage of a “short trench coat” over a “long” trench coat

The difference between the “short” trench coat and the “long” trench coat is only in length, and the other designs have not changed much. And after making the trench coat shorter, the reason why it has become a favorite item for many dressers is because it has the advantages that “long” trench coats do not have.

▶ Not procrastinating

The “short” trench coat is short and there is no suspicion of mopping, which is a more prominent point than the long trench coat. Secondly, the style is not a slim style, and most of them are dominated by silhouette trench coats, so too long will visually expand this looseness, which is not friendly to girls who are too fat or short.

▶ Don’t press the figure

If the trench coat is short, it will not cover all the legs, and even it will expose the thighs, so that there is a good extension effect on the vision, as long as the inner layer does not choose too ugly thunder products, wearing it can achieve the effect of appearing thin and thin. Especially when wearing it open, pay attention to the outline of the upper body to create a way to wear the upper short and the lower length.

▶ Friendly to girls with fat hips and wide crotches

“Short” trench coats ≠ ultra-short coats, because if it is above the waist, this coat is not called a trench coat, it completely loses the original taste of this piece. Generally, the length of a short trench coat is just the height of the thighs, so it can cleverly cover the thickest parts, that is, the hips and crotch, to create a slender line.

A fashionable analysis of a “cropped trench coat”

I saw so many advantages of the “short” trench coat earlier, and I still don’t know how to control it for Xiaobai. In fact, this kind of trench coat can be worn more possibilities than the long one, and the corresponding mind also costs more, but if you wear it correctly, it must be beautiful and colorful, and the following methods can help you wear it well.

First, the charm of different designs

The trench coat looks simple, but if you look closely, it has many different designs, all of which are key to helping you wear a good trench coat.

●Wide type

The silhouette trench coat will look more casual and casual when worn on the body than the ordinary H shape, it still retains the line of the trench coat, but it has the effect of wearing a size larger, so no matter how fat a woman can match. In addition, this loose trench coat can show a laid-back and casual taste.

●Tighten the waist

The silhouette trench coat is not good for women with a bucket waist or a thick and plump upper body, so it is recommended that a more suitable designer tighten the waist, so that it can make the trench coat show a loose and tight feeling, thereby lengthening the proportion of the lower body and achieving a slim effect, suitable for women of different sizes.

●Multi-point pocket design

Many trench coat designs focus on the collar, but there are only a few styles of collars to wear, so the whole design is easy to look ordinary and monotonous. It is more recommended to do a simple design on the surface of the clothes, not necessarily using contrast, in fact, adding the design of the pocket can make the trench coat rich in layers, but also has a certain practicality, creating a sense of handsomeness.

Second, the style given by color

The different colors of the trench coat can brighten the skin tone and complexion, it is an invisible plus in the windbreaker wearing, and the reason why some people wear the trench coat is ugly, not only has the fit, but also the color is inseparable.

●Camel temperament

Among the shades of a trench coat, it is easiest to wear without worrying about mistakes, and there is no more suitable style than camel. It is a lighter style in the earth color system, not overly mature and stable, giving people a gentle and elegant feeling. And spring is also suitable for wearing light colors, just in line with the seasonal elements.

●Ginger yellow

Many people find yellow difficult to wear, because you did not choose the right yellow, how to wear it is old-fashioned and black. Among all yellow tones, learn to choose dark spots, so that you can weaken the saturation of yellow and avoid the problem of dark skin. So recommend a ginger cropped trench coat, it can make you lively and stable, and there is no problem attending any occasion.

● Forest green

Spring cannot be without green, seasonal and beautiful. Whether it is light green or dark green is very suitable, but this year’s hottest green, real forest green, so that it will not be as dark as dark green and not as bright as grass green, everything is just the right feeling, create an elegant temperament, with pleated skirts, wear a light mature style.

Third, a variety of collocation guidelines

There are far more short trench coats than long trench coats, so check out these pairing guides to see which one you like.

▶ Cropped trench coat + wide-leg pants

The combination of loose and loose is just the soft breath of the forehead of the spring, exuding a long charm, so the wide-leg pants and the cropped trench coat are just right, especially the slightly fat girls must wear it like this, covering the flesh and having a sense of aura. However, pay attention to the high-waisted style of wide-leg pants, or shoes with straps to perfect the proportions of the body.

▶ Cropped trench coat + jeans

The pursuit of classic matching is the combination of jeans and a trench coat, which can present a retro feeling or look casual. Among the various styles of jeans, the best is straight-leg jeans, which cover all leg shapes, create a straight leg line, and pair it with a pair of naked boots to walk with style.

▶ Cropped trench coat + dress

Not only with pants, but also with skirts with a trench coat can also show wireless charm, but pay attention to try not to choose a short skirt, to have a staggered layer and sense, in order to make the outfit look coordinated. Pair a long dress with a cropped trench coat for a lazy look.

Looking at the above “short” trench coat, did you gain a lot, take advantage of the spring season, quickly change it!