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With the cool autumn breeze whizzing and the first cup of milk tea arranged, it’s time to arrange an exquisite commute! Windproof can also wear a high-end high neck underwear, for adjusting the face shape, its advantages are definitely not to be underestimated,

The fashion items that can make the small face special effect accompany you all day and are worn by fashionable elves, of course, you must also have one, let’s take a look together~

How to wear a turtleneck undershirt?

Tips1, shallow upper and deep

In fact, the way of dressing light and dark is still more suitable for its autumn and winter, and the light-colored high-neck bottom can focus attention on the face well.

Autumn and winter with delicate makeup, commuting jackets choose coats or blazers, are all must-haves to enhance your temperament.

Girls with a thinner body can try this way of dressing, dark colors underneath, it will appear that the whole person is very stable.

Tips2, top deep and shallow

This way of dressing is more suitable for people who are slightly fat, of course,

In fact, for slightly fat girls, the high neck does not have the legendary effect of helping to show the swan neck, but will appear larger, so you need to avoid this minefield

, choose a half-high neck, it will be much better, dark color thin, light color put down the edge, from the visual effect, can reduce a lot of weight Oh~

There are also fairies with short necks and square faces, choose a high neckline and choose a looser neckline, because it will be easier to stretch the face shape by forming a space at the neck.

Tips3, light and gray on top

The upper light and lower gray wearing color is actually the most suitable for autumn and winter, the light-colored high neck is paired with the gray lower body, and the overall color color forms a gradient effect,

It is important to have a more neutral color such as gray, regardless of whether the coat is dark or light

, can be well neutralized, the color level has faintly changed, the sense of high-end is full.

Tip 4. Layering

In the winter of low pressure, it is useless to have a thick coat, and you are not willing to be ordinary?

Then try layering, the high neck is layered to the innermost side, the effect of wind protection and warmth is maximized, in autumn and winter, the high neck bottom will not make the whole look heavy, but more simple and fashionable

, the clothes also have a sense of layering~ so wearing autumn and winter makes your commuting life full of texture~

The turtleneck looks good when worn this way

look1. White turtleneck bottom + gray floral skirt

White turtleneck sweater with dark gray printed skirt, isn’t this the heroine of a Korean drama,

The pink coat with excellent drape, with the tall waistline, the whole person’s figure is modified first-class,

In addition to the heightened black ankle boots, the smooth lines make the ankles much slimmer, gentle and cute, and it’s right~

look2. White turtleneck underlay + brown yellow plush pants

White turtleneck sweater layered with a light blue shirt, it is difficult to keep out the cold in autumn and winter wearing a shirt alone, so that layering one looks very layered, and it also keeps a lot warmer, plus the button unfastening will appear that the chest is very full,

Small flat chest is very recommended to refer to this way of dressing Oh, high-waisted wide-leg pants thin legs hide meat and also raise the waistline.

3:7 inside, the jacket and gray long coat, the low-key color is super suitable for commuting, the overall look looks full and tall, the universal dressing scheme, do you get?

look3. Black turtleneck dress

Whether it is an overcoat or a down jacket, it is still necessary to choose a turtleneck dress underneath,

Especially such a dark dress, hiding flesh to show thin, with mature sexiness, full of femininity

, It is also very convenient to wear, and the treatment of the high neck makes the whole person look very tall, and the fashionable queen is right.

The jacket is paired with a long coat that combines elegance and style, and black straight boots with sleek lines are the best choice for keeping your legs warm.

look4. Black turtleneck sweater + ginger wide-leg pants

This outfit is suitable for the commuting outfit of ladies with a slightly chubby body, and we can notice that the model’s face shape is actually a square face,

But when paired with a black turtleneck sweater, it will look more advanced, and this is the unique charm of turtlenecks.

A blazer should be a common item for commuting, a lapel and a high neck, the neck is very full

, the neck line is also lengthened a lot, and the brown-yellow wide-leg pants chosen for the lower body are definitely a fairy suit prepared for a treasure girl with a slightly chubby body~

look5. Red leather jacket + black turtleneck bottom

A red glossy leather coat is relatively retro, and the color is bright and slightly exaggerated, and the black turtleneck sweater is chosen underneath, and the red and black color scheme is still very advanced

After all, it is a classic color that never goes out of style, the enthusiasm of red meets the mystery of black, a faint low-key, a brazen cheerfulness, this is where the classic color is advanced.

The black slacks give the fashionable red leather jacket a sense of rigor and low-key. You can also try commuting~

look6. White turtleneck undershirt + locust pink lamb hair

The white turtleneck sweater and the layering of purple lamb sweaters make the inner layer more warm and layered,

The purple lamb sweater plays a great role in brightening the overall look

, also looks more sweet, the bottom chose a khaki skirt and khaki straight boots.

The eye-catching point of the lower body lies in the same color, which can extend the proportion of the lower body, the coat is darker, and the same long lamb wool coat makes the whole person more gentle and cute.

If you wear this commute, you will feel a lot more relaxed about the pressure of work.

Hurry up and get a high-neck base, who doesn’t want to create a face-slimming effect in real life?