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Wearing a black round neck inside, with tight pencil pants of the same color, and a leather jacket with a fur collar design, recently, Zhu Xudan appeared at the airport in this outfit, super sweet and cool! The wrong design of the fur collar leather jacket is very innovative. At present, the design of the fur collar is both practical and stylish, not only can keep warm, but also has a different feeling in the matching effect. It can be said that it has led the trend of new fashion, and it also has a variety of matching methods in collocation, which can not only highlight the fashion, but also show the temperament.

Although the clothes with fur collar design are fashionable, they are obviously very earthy if they are accidentally matched. But recently, Zhu Xudan’s outfit is very temperamental, the high ponytail is also very pure and clean, and the tight pencil pants with it are also very thin legs. Zhu Xudan’s street pictures have always been mostly quiet and refreshing images, and this type breakthrough can be regarded as giving people a bright feeling. In addition, although it is paired with an all-black outfit, this simple and clean breath can not be stopped, let’s take a look at the highlights of this outfit!

The black crewneck sweatshirt is the underwear style that everyone is willing to choose in winter. The material chosen by Zhu Xudan is more inclined to thin T-shirts, which visually shows the curves of the body. The lower body is matched with a pair of black tight pencil pants, this style of pants is generally very demanding on the figure of the person, so with it, everyone should choose a good style according to their figure.

Zhu Xudan’s coat is chosen to be a coat with a fur collar design, this irregular design is also the highlight of this set, does it look like a small fox wrapped around Zhu Xudan’s shoulders, especially cute temperament. In addition, the design of the motorcycle jacket will also give a cool and handsome feeling. When choosing pants for this type of jacket, in addition to the pencil pants chosen by Zhu Xudan, there are actually a variety of choices.

To say that practicality and aesthetics and the best of the popular type is straight casual pants, this type of pants will not show the leg shape, will undoubtedly give people a visual impression of thin and straight legs, and even in matching is very versatile. In this case, it is best to match it with high-waisted straight-leg slacks, and it is best to have a smoother and drape fabric shape.

Looking at Zhu Xudan’s cute outfit today, the editor would like to recommend several coats with fur collar designs for everyone. This style of jacket is super suitable for autumn and winter, not only can it protect against the cold and warmth, but also has a touch of fashion, and is visually sweet. This fur collar design has been popular for a while, it is a retro piece, at first it was very popular in the era of the elders, and gradually, fashion began to shift to young people. This style of clothing can be said to be very practical, let’s follow the editor to take a look!

The first thing I would like to recommend is a cooler fur-collared jacket. This one is biased towards a jacket design, and the overall tone is also black, which is actually very handsome. Let’s talk about the details, the wide jacket itself can cover the figure, giving people a bloated and lineless feeling, but this one has a belt tightening design at the waist, which not only has a fashionable feeling, but also reflects our beautiful body. In terms of matching, this inner layer tries to choose the tight inner layer of the knitwear, not only can reduce the feeling of bloat, the jacket design of the leather jacket will not make you feel cold, as for the choice of lower body pants, you can choose the tightened pencil pants design, is it the motorcycle handsome wind has already come to the face. Pair it with Martin boots and you’ll be the brightest star of winter!

The second thing I want to recommend is an all-black coat with an anti-fur design. The more distinctive part of this model is the green lining inside, and the combination of black and green is more premium. This belt design at the cuffs and hem can really be said to be a popular detail design in recent years, and when you walk into the mall, you can see that most of the cotton clothes have this design, and this detail will make the clothes unique. In terms of collocation, there is no taboo in the matching of this outfit, and it is very suitable with crewneck clothing or knitwear. Like Zhu Xudan, this one also tries to choose tight pencil pants for wear!

The third Xiaobian wants to recommend is a gentle and warm lady’s fur collar coat. Unlike the cool style of the first locomotive, this one has an opposite atmospheric feeling. Perfect for gentle you! The off-white base tone design looks extremely clean and fresh, with the rough edge design at the neckline and wrist, which is particularly gentle and fashionable. In terms of matching, in order to have a sense of fashion, try to choose lace cutouts and other styles inside, and friends who are afraid of cold can also match with plush fashion sweaters with deep V-necks, such a match also allows you to have femininity, pay attention, the choice of white will also have a very unique visual experience! Pants can also choose a long plush skirt, be sure to carry out the gentle temperament to the end!