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Entering December, the weather is getting colder, and many young people are starting to face it

“Temperature or demeanor?”

of choice. I have always thought that if I want to be warm, I need to add clothes, but most of the underwear products on the market are thick and have a strong sense of constraint, and many young people do not like to wear them. Among them, pursuit

“Comfort, health and environmental protection”

Starting from the preferences of Generation Z young people, the cotton era has launched two new underwear, namely non-marking cotton underwear and herbal cotton underwear.

The new launch of the cotton era well meets the basic demands of young people for comfortable and easy wear. One of the new products

Non-marking cotton underwear

It uses 100 high-count long-staple cotton, which is softer and more skin-friendly than ordinary cotton. In addition, the fabric is so light that it feels like you’re wearing one


The undershirt can be worn casually

Sweaters, sweatshirts

and other autumn and winter items, and there will be no bloat. Since then, underwear has not become

“Exposed Tigers”

, so that young people have more

Free, relaxed, young


At the same time, this non-marking cotton underwear of the cotton era deeply grasps the essence of fashion underwear, adopted

Free cutting process, the style is clean and neat, conforms to the curves of the human body, even if it is worn and slim

There will be no embarrassing underwear traces. In addition, its pants also adopt a crotch design, which brings the comfort of dressing experience to the extreme, and it is very comfortable and thin under jeans.

While paying attention to sophistication and comfort, Gen Z young people also value the functionality of clothes. Cotton era herbal cotton underwear perfectly integrates nature and technology, and its raw materials are taken from natural plants, so that the clothes have a natural plant antibacterial effect and avoid the invasion of common bacteria in life. Compared with ordinary cotton, herbal cotton improves the added value and performance of cotton fiber, which greatly meets the requirements of girls for the health and comfort of underwear.

In addition to bacteriostasis, herbal cotton also possesses

Soft and breathable, fresh and odor-free

and other advantages, so that consumers can enjoy comfort in the process of dressing. Like the non-marking cotton underwear, the pants of the herbal cotton underwear also have a continuous gear design, plus no external seam design to enhance comfort. The design of round neck and 9-point sleeves meets the needs of consumers for underwear that is not easy to expose.

The Cotton Age thought people brought

Comfort and peace of mind

The cotton life experience is aimed at constantly

Innovate to meet the individualized, multi-level new needs and continuous upgrading of young people

At the same time, new products will be

Stylish and environmentally friendly

and consumer demand has been cleverly combined to make the little thing of wearing underwear more meaningful.