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I don’t know if the cubs like me, like me, like them in winter

Relive classic Korean dramas

“Please Answer 1988”

“Funny Family”

“Love’s Forced Landing”

“It’s okay it’s love”

Although there are thousands of good-looking Korean dramas, everyone should have an exclusive white moonlight in their hearts~ Like I love very selfishly——


, is a treasure Korean drama that you can’t get tired of watching and brushing infinitely

Every time I see it, it’s tied

Red scarf

The 18-year-old Chi Enzhuo who was glued behind Agassiz couldn’t help but show his aunt smile!

Speaking of which, you silently pressed the pause button again, because I suddenly remembered…

A must-have winter accessory – scarves

No arrangements have been made for mud moe

As a must-have concave shape warm item for fashionable people, how can it be missing its existence in winter!

So, it’s better to choose the day than to hit the sun, I’ll take it with me today

“Super Complete Scarf Collection”

It’s time to hand in the homework~ Nanny-level selection & matching guide, hurry up and learn!

One of the scarf materials that I have seen the most since I was a child is

Knitted yarn

, I prefer to call it a mom hand knitted scarf!

The fabric fried chicken is thick, and you can casually build a youthful college style~ The yarn and color full of nostalgic taste can bring to the look

Vintage feel

Cashmere scarf as the most comfortable kind of fabric, not only

Soft and skin-friendly

, the dead weight is also very light, does not add a burden to the dull winter.

The moment you tie it, the overall temperament is raised by a level,

Generous and charming

, but the disadvantage is that it is a bit expensive… And it’s best to wash it by hand

But to say that this year’s most important is the most generous

Plush scarf

, can not only wear cute on the body, but also prevent cold and frost

(We girls just have no resistance to the cute Densey)

If everyone

Focus on the collocation itself

, If you don’t care much about warmth, the silk scarf is the first choice for muddy concave shape!

Tie around the neck as if

Comes with a soft light filter

, no matter how hard the jacket is, it can be gentle for several degrees under its background~

In addition to the choice of materials,

Choose the right scarf color

It can also point to ✨ the overall shape of winter. Solid color, as a universal model that cannot go wrong, is a must-have one pick~ for fashionable elves every year

I don’t need to say more about the classic black-white-gray series,

Versatile and enduring

, a group of beautiful women have called for them, whether it is with sweatshirts or cotton clothes, it will not be obtrusive.

If you want to get a more colorful scarf outfit, the cubs start first

Hot camel color

It is more secure to start, fashionable and elegant, and instantly turns into a beautiful Korean lady!

Not only can it become a suction embellishment for the overall look, but also

It won’t overwhelm you

。 No matter what style of cutie you are, you can rest assured to pick~

And this kind of solid color scarf

Don’t pick people

, Kang Kang Wuli Haoran out of the circle of Icelandic blockbuster, dark green corduroy coat with gray cashmere scarf, looking back at you is the moment of movement! ! !

If Mud Moe has used the basic color handy, then it can be to

Bright colors

Sending out challenges will definitely make you the most ✨ eye-catching cub in the “all-black” crowd~

The warm red color and the winter weather are simply a match, looking energetic, not to mention, but also making people dress

Rich in layers and jumps

The darker the color, the more bold it can be used

Bright accents

, the colors are rich, with the whole person is bright hin more!

So don’t worry that you can’t hold the colorful scarf, use it reasonably

Wear in a smooth color

This universal formula can definitely show extraordinary fashionable skills~

Every winter, I find that the handsome pot beauties in the entertainment industry are all picked up

Fashionable and expensive printed scarf

(Tie it to Versailles a wave: not expensive or expensive, see it warm to buy!) )

Whether it is printed with letters or logos, it is fried chicken~ Take my personal favorite grandma Xiang, the texture is full of high-grade

Black + classic double C logo

, a series of scarves, it is equivalent to writing Bai Fumei on the body!

There is also the LV old flower that you can’t get tired of, and the noble temperament on Wuli Fanzi is not too compatible!

And you can never imagine what tricks LV can play:

design and color


Another gradient

(Only you can’t think of it, nothing he can’t do.) )

Well… LV is telling you nakedly: I have contracted!

Ju Jingyi’s GUCCI scarf of the same style was also planted with grass at a glance, pink color

More lively

, give full play to the vitality that a girl should have~

In addition to the above more common logos,

Check elements

It is also popular with fashion icons, although wearing a large area on the body may risk showing fat

(Pick your figure)

, but as a scarf could not be more suitable!

Girls can try

Styles with a wide range of colors

, brick red bright and modern, coffee color with a strong British college feel, but no matter which one can not stop Nannie’s eccentricity

Boys recommend wearing a dark checked scarf,

Steady and not ostentatious

, and can also get heartwarming boyfriend power

After talking about the tips for choosing a scarf, the next thing is to solve

“How to tie”

The problem, in fact, the more casual the scarf, the better it looks~

This method should be a must for hand-remnant star people, and there is no need to use brains at all, simply

Make a circle around your neck

Just go out on the street

If you are in a hurry to go out, this encirclement method is the best choice to save time and effort~ Friendly tip: Remember to put the scarf around the neck

Pull looser

, otherwise it would be too rigid …

Echoing another color, it easily creates a sense of déjà vu of “sister’s clothes are very high”~

Bai Baihe

U1S1, the tie-up method is pure

Concave shape

, Although it seems casual and chic, the scarf is easy to loosen … But for the sake of its temperament online, of course, choose to forgive~

If you want to get the same look from the stars, the cubs try to choose

Long length & soft and thick

of scarves

(Length close to the crotch)

, so that it has an effortless aesthetic to build.

Yang Caiyu

There are many different ways to tie the buckle, but the most common one is

“Hem knotted”

Sun Jian/Jiang Shuying

Compared to the look around the neck and on the side, it’s

More warmth

, You can also tuck your hair into a scarf to avoid the small embarrassment of ruin your hairstyle in the wind…

The other is high frequency and full of Korean style

The “Y” is the method

, well-behaved without losing vitality, is a gray often perfect commuter dress demonstration~

The most suitable scarf tying method for lazy people is coming, and the cub who feels that self-harm 己️ will not tie a scarf directly puts the scarf

Hang around the neck

can solve the problem.

But this method is more suitable for soft and sticky long scarves,

(The short scarf is draped a lot like working in the fields…) )

Lazy and casual

It’s easy to show up without notice.

Have today’s scarf dressing tips cubs learned? The warmth that the boyfriend can’t give in winter, one can do it~ So “fragrant”

Winter accessories

, I don’t allow your wardrobe without it.