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Introduction: Will diapers affect fertility if a baby boy is diaper? In connection with the effects of diapers, diapers are used correctly.

In the summer, he took Erbao out to play, carrying a diaper, and was unanimously attacked by neighbors, saying that boys with diapers affect fertility. Erbao mixed with a group of small babies who were not diapers, and they seemed so out of place, we were like aliens. I looked up some information about diapers at that time, and some information said that wearing diapers will not affect the baby’s fertility.

Does a baby boy with diapers affect fertility?

Now there is no evidence that male babies with diapers affect fertility, foreign babies have been worn for half a century, and there are no reports of problems.

Conventional wisdom holds that wearing diapers causes the temperature of the testicular area to rise, and the heat kills sperm. However, in infancy, the convoluted seminiferous ducts inside the testicles are solid, thin tubules that have not yet formed sperm. It is not until puberty that spermatogonia divide into spermatoblasts, then into sperm cells, and finally into spermatozoa.

Therefore, from the perspective of sperm production time, whether infants and young children wear diapers will not affect the fertility of male babies.

Other effects of diapersia

There are also some views against babies wearing diapers, collected them, the benevolent sees the wise.

1. Diapers will damage the ecological environment

Every year, 1 billion trees need to be cut down to make diapers. About 5 million tons of diaper waste are piled up in waste treatment plants every year, costing $50 million to fill the waste. This garbage slowly seeps into groundwater and is a serious hazard to the soil. This is indeed a worrying and heart-wrenching question.

2. Diapers are easy to get diaper rash

Because diapers are highly absorbent, the baby will not feel particularly uncomfortable, will not cry because of urine or pull, and will not be particularly frequent when changing. The heat and moisture accumulated in diapers can also become a breeding ground for bacteria, which can easily lead to diaper rash in your baby.

But my feeling is that after using diapers, the baby’s diaper rash and red butt phenomenon is much reduced.

3. Diapers are more expensive

A diaper will cost one or two dollars, and if you change about 6 yuan a day, it will cost 12 yuan a day, and it will cost 360 yuan a month.

The cost of diapers is very low, repeated use, even if cleaning frequently, using a lot of water, but the monthly cost does not exceed 100 yuan. So from an economic point of view, diapers are not cost-effective.

How to use diapers correctly

Everything has pros and cons, I think wearing diapers really liberates parents and can also sleep well for babies, so I still approve of diapers for babies.

In particularly hot weather, diaper use can be reduced to keep your baby in a more comfortable state.

Pay attention to changing diapers in time to reduce the baby’s soaking time in urine.

Every time it is more slippery, remember to wash the little butt with warm water and dry it, and then change it to a new diaper.

In short, the wearing of diapers by male babies will not affect fertility, pay attention to the correct use of diapers, and protect the health of the baby. When the baby reaches a certain age, stop diapers in time to reduce the harm to the environment.

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