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With the new wave of consumption upgrading and the entry of Generation Z consumers, China’s clothing consumer market is undergoing a profound change, from a single shelter from the cold food and clothing consumption demand to fashion, culture, brand, image consumption trend. Garment enterprises with brand value have great development potential.

At the same time, leading companies and brands are striving to adapt to the rapidly changing apparel market through technological innovation. Driven by technology, the industry’s resource organization mode and connection with the market have undergone profound adjustments, and new models, new formats, and new attempts such as scene economy, Internet celebrity economy, and sharing economy have developed rapidly. Especially during the epidemic, innovations in live streaming, community marketing, online exhibitions and other models have effectively made up for the gap in the suspension of offline channels. Technological innovation provides an effective weapon for enterprises and brands to obtain increments and win greater commercial interests.

In this context, the final list of the 2021 [In Trend List] sponsored by Shanghai Poster Industry Group丨Interface News was announced on the afternoon of October 14 at the [Interface Fashion Power Summit]. The list aims to select apparel brands with excellent performance and excellent reputation at home and abroad. Relying on a number of senior media personnel, well-known supply chain and brand experts, working with professional data agencies, consulting agencies, fashion KOLs, etc., and fully combining the opinions and suggestions of consumers, the list finally selected the top 10 annual brands. On the basis of comprehensive consideration of public opinion indicators, business labeling, market share, model innovation, brand reputation and other dimensions, Interface News encourages and rewards outstanding enterprises that create value for consumers through the form of lists, and pays tribute to their outstanding contributions to the high-quality development of China’s economy.

The following is the complete introduction of the award-winning brands: (The information is obtained from public data collation and enterprise investigation and visits, and the ranking is in no particular order, only in alphabetical order by brand abbreviation)


Since its establishment in 1996, ELLASSAY has demonstrated the creative spirit of the brand with its unique brand classics and continuous exploration and innovation, creating a brand style that is both elegant and spontaneous. The brand has always continued the image of exquisite and high-end, noble elegance and full of femininity, which not only creates a precious history of brand development, but also maintains a unique spirit of innovation. Today, ELLASSAY is committed to establishing an emotional connection with the younger generation of consumers, injecting freedom and fun into the brand’s DNA with a novel perspective, and successively launching new season monograms, virtual character @Elisa, Super Thursday Live+, green screen technology fashion show, etc., opening a new chapter of the brand with futuristic pioneering ideas.


Since its establishment, GXG menswear has been based on the fusion of tradition and fashion, drawing inspiration from the touch of fashion, based on the pursuit of youthful state and exquisite life, through neat and fitting tailoring, with exquisite color proportions, with the current popular design language and elements, combined with high-quality fabrics and innovative craftsmanship to create a chic, trendy and high-quality aesthetic dress form for a new generation of Asian young men.

LILY Business Fashion

As the pioneer of young OL business fashion, Lily adheres to the concept of perfect integration of fashion and business, and designs “right” business fashion for urban young professional women for business occasions with a fresh and bright, modern and simple style. “Strength, feminine, modern, bright” is the core product style of the Lily brand. Inspired by “modern art”, the designer combines fashion trends such as surrealism, modern era, and Byzantine art to create a unique business fashion aesthetic with clean silhouettes, creative colors and prints. Lily Business Fashion has opened more than 700 brand stores in China, and has successfully landed in many international fashion events such as Inter Milan Fashion Week and German CPD, becoming a cutting-edge fashion brand that has attracted much attention in the international fashion circle.


Founded in 2020, UPPERVOID is a technology outdoor equipment brand focusing on fabrics and craftsmanship, dedicated to exploring the functions of wearable devices in unknown environments.

From Antarctic exploration, to deep into the Mariana Trench, to landing on the moon, mankind has achieved many unprecedented achievements with the help of science and technology. Experienced the Indonesian tsunami, the Fukushima nuclear disaster… After several natural disasters and human survival crises in the early 21st century, we started from the unique survival wisdom and imagination of human beings, organically combined science and technology with the body, and began to explore and create new life forms. UPPERVOID believes that through the development and performance design of new materials, it will help human beings overcome unknown environmental changes and survival challenges. UPPERVOID maintains extreme requirements for the functionality and workmanship of its products. In the face of any geographical environment, do one thing instead of all.


Bosideng has been focusing on down jackets for 45 years, constantly innovating in down, fabrics, craftsmanship, fit, design, etc., winning the favor of consumers at home and abroad, and now it has been sold well in 72 countries and worn by 200 million people around the world. Warm threads, not only weaving down jackets, but also helping Chinese mountaineering teams climb Mount Everest for 22 consecutive years, helping Chinese Antarctic scientific expeditions to carry out investigation work, and appearing on international fashion weeks to show the strength of Chinese brands. Bosideng integrates “China World Famous Brand Products”, “National Quality Award” and “China Industrial Design Award”, participates in the formulation of international standards for the down jacket industry, and is second to none among international down jacket brands and leading in the world. High quality products, high brand potential, on the road of focus, Bosideng is invincible.

Cosmopolitan beauty

Since its establishment, Cosmopolitan Beauty has been adhering to the product concept of “health, comfort, technology and beauty”, empowering products with practical design, ingenuity and innovative technology, and providing consumers with practical, high-quality and affordable intimate clothing choices.

Hailan House

Hailan Home Group is a clothing and lifestyle retail group with multiple brands, covering six subdivisions of men’s wear, women’s wear, children’s wear, professional wear, home wear and furniture supplies, creating different brands with different styles to meet the different needs and personality expressions of users for clothing wearing and home life. Since its launch in 2002, Hailan Home brand has been committed to providing Chinese men with fashionable design, high-quality products and comfortable shopping experience, keeping up with global fashion elements, and constantly launching light fashion and high-quality clothing products that meet the aesthetics and preferences of a wide range of people. The brand positions fast-moving consumer goods and daily necessities, advocates the marketing concept of “high grade, medium price”, and quickly occupies the market with high-quality products, rich styles, public prices and intimate services. “National brand, Hailan House” has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.


In 1992, SKECHER was born in Manhattan Beach, California. SKECHERS, DERIVED FROM SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SLANG MEANING “YOUNG MAN WHO CAN’T SIT STILL,” REPRESENTS A YOUNG GROUP OF FASHION-CONSCIOUS AND FLAMBOYANT INDIVIDUALS. Skechers develops and designs more than 3,000 styles every year, including professional sports, fashion trends, lifestyle and leisure, children’s shoes and apparel products. Multi-category product styles, multi-scene shopping environment, rich product lines cover consumers of all ages, providing a one-stop shopping experience for families.

As a well-known sports and leisure brand in the world, it sells Skechers products in more than 170 countries and regions around the world. Skechers hopes to deliver a healthy and active life through high-quality products, so that thousands of consumers can feel the brand concept of comfort for all, all for comfort, so that everyone can embrace every moment of life more confidently.


PEACEBIRD is a consumer-centric fashion brand retail company with the mission of “Let everyone enjoy the fun of fashion” and the core strategy of “focusing on fashion, data-driven, and whole-network retail”, and is committed to becoming the preferred fashion brand of Chinese youth. The company focuses on fashion and has always been committed to independent design and R & D team building. With brand style as the traction, we continue to integrate popular fashion elements into product innovation, frequently update and surprise customers; The company actively explores the application of big data, artificial intelligence and other technical means to gain insight into consumer needs, improve the accuracy of product development, and more accurately identify fashion trends; Through the three-dimensional retail model of network-wide collaboration, while continuously improving retail channels such as directly operated stores, franchised stores, and traditional e-commerce, the company actively explores new social retail channels, such as Douyin and Xiaohongshu, to create the ultimate retail experience and improve consumer brand stickiness.

Victoria’s Secret

Victoria’s Secret is a world-renowned lingerie specialist retailer, offering a wide range of modern fashion collections, including classic bras, panties, lingerie, casual pajamas and athleisure, as well as award-winning fragrances and body care products. Victoria’s Secret has nearly 1,400 retail stores worldwide, employs more than 25,000 women, and has a global, industry-leading team of lingerie experts. Victoria’s Secret is committed to inspiring women around the world through products and experiences, enhancing and supporting them and their future journeys.

About the 2021 [In List] selection

The 2021 [In List] is aimed at the whole industry in the field of apparel, covering clothing, accessories, footwear, bags, outdoor, etc., aiming to encourage and reward outstanding brands that create value for consumers, and “decode the fashion trend of In times”.

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