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Cervical spondylosis used to only occur in the elderly group, but with the popularization of mobile phones and computers, people suffering from cervical spondylosis can be said to be getting younger and younger. Personally, since I went to work, I will sit in front of the computer almost every day, plus I usually don’t exercise much, the whole body indicators are constantly rising, every day after work will obviously feel that the neck is stiffer, sometimes violent rotation will appear a slight pain, and later check this is a sign of cervical spondylosis. In fact, I have been using a neck pillow for a while, but I feel that the effect is very small, but it can only keep the neck warm.

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German Sapphire cervical massager neck massager waist shoulder and neck inflatable massage pillow hot compress kneading gift



There are also friends around who use various cervical massagers, many of which are electrode massagers that attach the heating module directly to the neck. After some searching, I found that the Sapphire Self-Inflatable Massage Pillow can both protect the neck and massage, and it is the product I want. The appearance of the Sapphire cervical massage pillow is almost the same as the ordinary neck pillow, but it can be automatically inflated with one button, and the 3D kneading massage ball with built-in artificial massage is built-in, the original price is 699 yuan, and the current preferential price is 369 yuan, and the overall price is relatively high.

The Blaupun inflatable cervical massage pillow is packed in a cardboard box, and the box only shows the appearance of this massager with a floor plan, and the product parameter information is introduced on the side. There is only massage in the entire box

Neck pillow

, Type-C charging cable (praise) and instruction manual.

Sapphire inflatable massage pillow has Monet gray and cherry blossom pink two colors to choose from, from the outside view of Sapphire inflatable massage pillow is more like a neck pillow, like the neck pillow is nothing special, in fact, it comes with an inflatable device; It will be automatically charged when it is turned on; AIR AND DETECT AIR PRESSURE, WHEN THE AIR PRESSURE REACHES 400MMHG, IT WILL STOP INFLATING AND TURN ON THE MASSAGE MODE. There is no need to rely on air pressure difference intake or mouth blowing, and it is fully automatically inflated, and it can also be manually deflated for convenient storage

Blaupun inflatable massage pillow uses skin-friendly and breathable fabric, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, high elasticity and smooth surface, even if it is used for a long time without pilling or static electricity, some people with skin allergies can also use it. In order to facilitate daily cleaning, the outermost layer of the Blauphang inflatable massage pillow is also specially designed with a removable and washable cloth cover, which can effectively prevent the breeding of bacteria and mites when disassembled and cleaned, which is also a small detail in the design.

There is only one button on the entire massage pillow, which can complete the power on and off and mode switching, and an LED indicator is designed next to the button to see the current status of the massage pillow.

In order to better prevent dust and stain, the Type-C charging port is well hidden in the opening key, which also makes the entire massage pillow look more uniform, Type-C charging port to give praise, any smartphone charging cable can be universal.

At the same time, a press-type venting valve is set on one side of the massage pillow, which can realize one-key instant deflatation, which is greatly convenient for daily travel.

The wearing of the Blauphang inflatable massage pillow is the same as the neck pillow, only need to buckle on the neck, after wearing pull on the buckle to turn on, the buckle adopts an adjustable design, each user can adjust according to the thickness of their neck and pressing comfort, to meet the needs of many families. The entire body weighs about 600g when filled with air, and there is basically no sense of weight bearing when worn.

This cervical massage pillow is easy to operate,

Press and hold for about 2 seconds to turn on the machine, you can quickly inflate and start the massage

During the massage, the air pressure in the pillow will be automatically monitored to achieve automatic replenishment, and the massage will be automatically turned off after 10 minutes.

Blaupun inflatable massage pillow built-in two sets of a total of 6 rollers, and comes with 42 massage contacts, positive and reverse alternating massage during massage, there are two speed options, fast gear and slow gear, the scientific and technological algorithm is well integrated with traditional Chinese medicine massage, can well press the surface muscle nervous system, the massage process can really feel the feeling of muscle numbness, so as to effectively relieve neck fatigue, which is also my personal favorite

The reason for the human-like hand massage can also effectively relax the whole body

In fact, in addition to physical massage, the Blaupun inflatable massage pillow also has a built-in hot compress module, which maintains the temperature of the neck at about 45°C during the massage, and this heating function can also be turned off, it is recommended to turn it on when using it in winter, and it can be turned off in other seasons.

In addition to being able to massage the cervical spine, this inflatable massage pillow can also be used to massage the shoulders and legs, and the massage effect is also very good, and the elderly at home also like it. The Blaupunkton inflatable massage pillow has a built-in 2200mAh battery, which can generally be used 8 times or more when fully charged.

Through a period of use, I feel that the Blaupun inflatable massage pillow can relieve fatigue more effectively than ordinary neck pillows, 3D simulation human massage techniques, really let people experience the feeling of rigidity and softness, but also can massage many parts of the body, now there is a New Year festival activity, the discount price is 369 yuan, is a better time to start. Whether buying it back for your own use or giving it as a gift, a man can also enhance his family status by giving his girlfriend or lover.