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Since Meghan married into the royal family on May 19, 2018, she has often been pulled out to compare with Kate in terms of dressing, but Meghan, who loves to steal the limelight, rarely wins.

Even Meghan, who participated in the last royal event, obviously lost to her sister-in-law Kate, wearing a green cape skirt, she wanted to steal the limelight, but because the skirt was too tight to pull out the fat, but Princess Kate in old clothes was more dignified and elegant, more than her!

Friends who know the ins and outs of Harry and Meghan’s exit from the royal family know that Harry and Meghan have expressed their desire to leave the royal family as early as January 2020.

After the final application to leave the royal family was approved by the queen’s grandmother, Harry and Meghan returned to the British royal family at the end of February and participated in the last royal event in March.

Harry and Meghan’s last official schedule is until March 9, and this time Harry and Meghan will be the last to appear as members of the royal family. Other core royal family members, including Prince William and Princess Kate, also appeared at the “Commonwealth Day” commemoration.

On the same day, Meghan appeared in a high-profile appearance wearing a “green cape”, as if she wanted to be the “brightest star” at her last appearance. In fact, as long as Meghan appears, she must dress up carefully and want to become the “most beautiful boy in the scene”.

The peacock green cape dress she chose this time has a good texture and a very smooth and neat cut, which can give people a feeling of “looking very expensive”. With a William Chambers mesh top hat on the head, it is indeed very noble and atmospheric.

In fact, since Meghan married into the royal family, as the clothes she wore became more and more expensive, her whole person also looked very “expensive”, and she was no longer like the little actor before.

But at the same time, this eye-catching outfit soon exposed Meghan’s figure defects, Meghan’s figure itself is not slender, it is estimated that the only thing worth everyone’s envy is her “chopstick legs”, in addition, she does not have much body advantage.

The Emilia Wickstead cape green dress she chose this time is a more tight fit design, and when Megan gets out of the car, she can feel that the waist of this skirt has “collapsed” to the point of not working.

After getting off the car, this tight hip-wrapped skirt unreservedly exposed Meghan’s “waist and big hips” figure, which immediately became a minus for styling.

Especially when viewed from behind, this particularly expensive green cloak looks too tight!

Later, the people also picked up the original Meghan’s last official appearance was to pay tribute to Diana during pregnancy, it seems that in the end, Meghan still insisted on her soulless copy and paste, so that it is not clear that she must lose not only to her sister-in-law, but also to her mother-in-law!

I have to say that since Meghan married into the royal family, she has been imitating her mother-in-law Diana, but she has never surpassed Diana.

The two wear green dresses together, and the pregnant Diana also looks a little slimmer than Meghan, which is really embarrassing. But Meghan probably won’t feel embarrassed, she has always gone her own way and doesn’t care much about what other people think.

On the other side, Princess Kate appeared in a crimson coat, and the bright red not only reflected Princess Kate’s fair complexion, but also enhanced the whole person’s complexion well.

The green cape that Meghan wants to steal the limelight is not as good as her sister-in-law’s old clothes after all! Compared to Kate, Meghan is still too “burly”.

The attentive friends also found that the Catherine Walker red coat dress on Kate’s body was not new, and Kate had worn it when she had participated in events before.

It’s just that this time when wearing this red coat, I changed a hat and took off my black stockings, which looked more dignified and elegant than the previous outfit, quite princess temperament.

However, the most eye-catching thing about Kate’s shape is her “slap waist”, and the waist design on the coat once again highlights the existence of the small man’s waist, I can’t believe that Kate can maintain such a slim figure after giving birth to three children!

In fact, this is not the first time Kate has “worn old clothes” to attend events, such as Princess Kate’s white trench coat from Alexander McQUEEN, which she wore when her children were baptized and Meghan’s wedding.

Speaking of Meghan’s wedding, I have to say that Meghan and Kate formed a “beam”.

In May, it was still cold in the UK, but she didn’t let Charlotte, who was a flower girl, wear pantyhose, so she let Charlotte, who was only 3 years old, bare legs.

At Princess Eugenie’s wedding in the same year, Charlotte wore pantyhose, and Meghan was really able to “do things”.

The same dress Kate even wore many times in different years and places, not only to praise Kate’s good habit of thrift and thrift, but also to be able to manage her body so well for several years, it seems that the princess has not worked hard behind her back!

Let’s take a look at Meghan, who has always been high-profile and not bad at money, a Dior dress during pregnancy cost more than 800,000 yuan, not to mention that she has never seen her wear old clothes!

In addition to looking at the looks of the princesses, Harry and Meghan’s performance at the last royal event also attracted a lot of public attention.

It is not difficult to find that Meghan’s smile has not been broken since she got out of the car to walk into the event site, I don’t know if Meghan’s heart has already flown to her hometown in the United States on the other side of the ocean!

Meghan was in a really good mood that day, and she had a few words with a little girl who presented her with flowers, it seems that she really can’t suppress her inner joy when she wants to leave the royal family!

But Prince Harry next to him is different, he is different from Meghan, who has just married into the royal family for less than two years, Prince Harry has grown up in a royal environment since he was a child, and the decision to leave the royal family this time is very meaningful to him, and the last time he participated in official business also represents a farewell to more than thirty years of royal life.

Therefore, Prince Harry was mostly frowning throughout the event, with an expression full of sadness.

Because they are about to bid farewell to the royal family, Harry and Meghan’s status in the royal family has also decreased, and naturally the seats when participating in the event are also arranged in the corner, and they cannot sit in the same row as Prince William and Princess Kate.

It is also not difficult to find in the interaction of royals that Harry and Meghan are clearly the least popular couple. The Prince and Mrs. Edward sitting in the front row chatted hotly with the William and his wife in the front row, and the Harry and his wife, who were ignored, could only whisper as a couple.

Prince William, who was still sulking his brother, only said hello to Prince Harry on the side during the whole event, and did not say a word of superfluous words, presumably disappointed in this ignorant brother!

In any case, the happiest time she attended a royal event, Meghan was finally able to refuse to take on royal responsibilities while making money from the fame of the royal family.

But Harry and his wife may be a good thing to leave, the royal family is less of the two of them is estimated to not be chicken flying dogs, but their behavior of leaving the royal family and using the royal family to circle money is really unkind!