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Recently, many places in the north have opened the largest range of “baking” mode this year. Since the Central Meteorological Observatory issued the first yellow warning of high temperature this year on June 3, many regions of the country have entered high temperature weather. The maximum daily temperature in Shanxi Province was above 35°C for three consecutive days, the highest temperature in Shaanxi reached more than 37°C, the highest temperature in Henan was 39°C, and Tongliao in Inner Mongolia even had a record-breaking high temperature of 41°C. Continuous high temperature weather has led to strong demand for air conditioners, and many air conditioning installers have turned on the “continuous shaft rotation” working mode.

  Data show that since May, air conditioning sales and installed capacity have entered a stage of rapid growth. Driven by the abnormal high temperature in recent days, the sales of air conditioners have shown a “blowout” hot sales. Many consumers report that it is difficult to make an appointment to install a master, and even if an appointment is made, many masters will come to the door 3-4 hours later than the appointment time, or even extend it by 1 day.

  Since the installation of the air conditioner needs to be carried out on the outer wall of the building, the installation workers have to accept the dual challenges of high-altitude suspension and scorching sun, and climb on the edge of the narrow cement wall with an electric punch weighing more than 20 kilograms. Although the continuous high-altitude installation work is very hard, many regional installation workers said that they are just in time for the hot weather, hoping to use the hot season of air conditioners to earn more installation fees to make up for the lack of income during the epidemic in the first quarter.

  The problem of difficulty in making appointments for air conditioning installation was solved by the 24-hour rapid installation service of air conditioners launched by during the 618 period. promises to ensure the installation efficiency and service quality of the air conditioner during the hot sale. Jingdong home appliance air conditioning installation workers confirmed that since June 1, workers have continuously broken records in the number of air conditioners installed in a single day, and now up to 10 air conditioners must be installed a day, and a local service center can receive more than 10,000 orders in a single day.

  Behind the hot sales of air conditioners is the “most economical air conditioning promotion season in history” announced by JD 618 this year. In the face of summer demand, gave huge subsidies for air conditioners, launched more than 100,000 sets of high-quality special air conditioners of 999 yuan, and millions of cost-effective high-quality air conditioners, and provided three subsidies: trade-in subsidies, installation fee subsidies, and installation delays, to help consumers save money. It is reported that for old air conditioners, Jingdong’s trade-in policy is known as the highest subsidy in the industry, regardless of new and old, appearance, brand, hang-up is subsidized 300 yuan, cabinet machines are directly subsidized to 600 yuan, “overdue” air conditioners can also be doubled. At the same time, it also breaks the trap of industry installation fees, and provides a maximum subsidy of 500 yuan for installation fee limits.

  The most economical air-conditioning promotion in history has driven the enthusiasm of consumers, and many consumers choose to purchase several air conditioners in different rooms in order to ensure a “cool summer” for the whole family. Jingdong platform data shows that on June 1, the turnover of 30 single products of air conditioners exceeded 10 million yuan in 10 minutes. From June 1 to 2, the overall order volume of JD air conditioners doubled year-on-year, and the number of users participating in trade-in increased by nearly 5 times year-on-year.

  At present, all parts of China are still in the stage of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and masks are still required in crowded places, and the feeling of stuffiness intensifies in hot weather. The high temperature weather continues, it is recommended that consumers understand more about the delays caused by the increase in the installation of air conditioning workers, and workers should also pay attention to prevention and control and heat prevention, and reduce the occurrence of heat stroke caused by high temperature work and hot weather work.