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By Zhongshan Tourism Bureau

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2017 Zhongshan Industrial Tourism Month Activities

The launch ceremony took place today

There are many industrial tourist attractions in Zhongshan, so you can take advantage of the holidays to take a walk!

About Zhongshan Industrial Tourism

At present, most of the industrial tourism spots in Zhongshan have been built and developed maturely, and have been receiving tourists for a long time. Ruzui Xiangyuan opened an industrial tourism project in 2004, is the first industrial tourism demonstration site in Zhongshan City, and is also a national industrial tourism demonstration site, now receiving more than 300,000 tourists every year, and last year alone with industrial tourism to drive consumption of about 18 million.

An industrial tourist spot in Zhongshan

Tsui Xiang Yuan

Founded in 1918, its macaroons are exported to 136 countries at home and abroad. Tsui Xiang Garden macaroon cake has two secrets, one is that it is not made of almonds, it is named after the shape of almonds, in fact, it is more appropriate to call it mung bean cake. Second, the almond cake was made by Pan Yanxiang, a self-combing maid, and experienced the vicissitudes of Zhongshan for a hundred years.

Visitors shop for a variety of products from Tsui Heung Garden

Tsui Xiangyuan is the first enterprise in Zhongshan to open up industrial tourism projects and is a national industrial tourism demonstration site. In addition to visiting the production base, learning about the history of macaroons, and tasting macaroons, you can also make your own macaroons and dry them to take home. Eating the macaroons you made, the taste and feeling are completely different.

Children make macaroons to make them

Address: No. 13, Yanjiangdong 2nd Road, Torch Development Zone

Tanzhou Iteleine DIY Zone

DIY zone is located in Zhongshan Tanzhou Iteleina Jewelry Industrial City, covering an area of more than 3,000 square meters, is a national industrial tourism demonstration point.

The DIY Zone is divided into six parts: Jewelry Landscape Area, DIY Space, Eros Plaza, DreamWorks Field, European Small Street and Food Fun Garden, which is the first jewelry theme cultural park in China. She creatively integrates the fashion culture, manufacturing process of jewelry with its own ornamental collection value and emotional factors, with a strong culture, ornamentation, participation and entertainment leisure.

Address: Iteleina Industrial City, Tanzhou Town

Chobang Soy Sauce Culture Museum

What is the history of soy sauce? How did Zhongshan’s century-old brand – delicious fresh soy sauce come into being? Does Kitchen Soy Sauce really dry for 180 days? These questions, come to an industrial tour of the Kitchen Soy Sauce Culture Museum, you will be able to see at a glance.

Chubang Soy Sauce Culture Museum is located in Yummy Fresh Seasoning Food Co., Ltd., with soy sauce as the theme, integrating brand display, industrial tourism, visiting interaction and experience, is a professional soy sauce culture museum with distinctive Lingnan characteristics.

After visiting the museum, you can enter the display area of the production process of delicious fresh products, and through the glass vitrine, the entire soy sauce production process can be seen.

A large drying field along the river

The Chubang Soy Sauce Museum focuses on the historical origin and process of soy sauce itself; It is not simply to design a corporate exhibition space, but to design a museum with intellectual, cultural characteristics and educational functions. After the opening of the museum, in accordance with the requirements of industrial tourism scenic spots, it will improve relevant service facilities, enrich collections and interactive experiences, accelerate personnel training, cooperate with major travel agencies, and comprehensively display the long-standing history and culture of soy sauce to the public.

Address: No. 1, Chubang Road, Torch Development Zone

Little Olive Lamb City Winery Tsuiwei

Tourists take photos at the entrance of the winery

Zhongshan Xiaolanjucheng Winery develops and operates the production base of Jiuwei wine, and the planting area of Jiaowei has reached 10,000 mu.

Jucheng Distillery collects historical relics related to Xuanwei wine from all walks of life, and has established Xiaolan’s only Xuanwei cultural exhibition hall. The Xuanwei Cultural Exhibition Hall collects historical relics and documents related to Xuanwei from the Ming Jiajing period to the present, where visitors can travel through time and space to learn about the legendary story of Xiaolanwei!

Visitors experience making tea vetch macaroons for themselves

In order to satisfy the desire of tourists to experience, Jucheng Winery has created a DIY zone that belongs to every tourist, and visitors can make macaroons and egg rolls with their own hands.

Tea vetch flower series products

In order to enrich the tour, the distillery will complete the leisure activity area of the Xuanwei Cultural Theme Park and the Xuanwei landscape belt on both sides of the river in 2015, which will become a comfortable station for tourists to visit Jucheng Distillery. In addition, the distillery has also developed a series of products such as wattle flowers and chrysanthemums, which visitors can not only visit and experience, but also buy various souvenirs in one stop.

Address: Xiaolan Town Yuheng South Road No. 2 Jucheng First Industrial Zone Block A

Refreshing Starlight Dream Factory

“Comfort Starlight Dream Factory” includes two project elements: “Comfort Charm Workshop” and “Comfort Starlight Experience Hall”: “Comfort Charm Factory” is a development tour for toothpaste production process and manufacturing process, while “Comfort Starlight Experience Hall” is a comprehensive experience venue for oral care.

There is a Love Dental General Hall in the venue, and visitors can participate in interactive games to increase their oral knowledge of dental care.

“Comfort Starlight Dream Factory” brings visitors not only the production process and manufacturing process of toothpaste products, but also an important information “supply station” for modern people to care for health.

Address: No. 11, Yihui 2nd Road, Maohui Industrial Zone, Henglan Town

Funi came to the garment factory

Funi home clothes can be used as pajamas or casual home outings. Zhongshan Funilai Garment Co., Ltd. in the Industrial Avenue of Xiaolan Town allows partners to see how homewear, bras, and underwear are molded from a piece of fabric, through various processes.

Address: No. 26, Industrial Avenue, Xiaolan Town

Huangpu Lawei Workshop

The autumn breeze rises, and the taste of wax is eaten. This mantra has been circulating in the Pearl River Delta region for at least a hundred years, and the production of wax flavor has a deep historical heritage, among which the people of Zhongshan Huangpu created wax flavor products more than 100 years ago, known as the “hometown of wax flavor”, and its exquisite materials, exquisite production, beautiful color and fragrance are well-known in China and abroad, and are famous for Cantonese wax flavor.

There are more than 200 wax flavor production enterprises and supporting manufacturers in Huangpu Town. The flavor has developed from a single sausage variety to more than 60 series of varieties.

Tourists can visit the production workshop, packaging workshop, boiler workshop, solar drying room, 300T cold storage, warehouse, soy sauce production workshop, fish workshop, laboratory, living area, green area and other modern facilities to experience the production process of modern wax flavor, and you can also buy a wide variety of yellow garden flavor.

Address: No. 48, Xingpu Avenue, Huangpu Town

Dachong Red Bo City

Red Bo City

China (Dachong ) Redwood Culture Expo City, (referred to as “Hongbo City”), invested and developed by Zhongshan Shangdu Culture Communication Co., Ltd., is the “Capital of China’s Rosewood Furniture Industry” – the upgrading masterpiece of the mahogany furniture industry in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province. It is a three-in-one miracle of watching exhibitions, buying furniture, and visiting attractions.

The demeanor of the Tang Dynasty, the two Song Wencai, are presented in detail in the Tang Court and the Song Court in Hongbo City.

Lingnan Arcade Cultural Street in Hongbo City, where you can see “blue sky and white clouds” 365 days a year.

Huanghuali Museum Collection

Address: Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Dachong Town, Qichung Road, China Red Bo City

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