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Xie Xinzhe

There is a line in the racing movie “Rush”, “Men love women very much, but if you want to say more, it’s cars!” ”。 Post-90s driver Xie Xinzhe likes this movie very much, and there is a passionate youth belonging to racing drivers in the movie. Born in Shiyan, Hubei Province and raised in Zhuankou, Wuhan, Xie Xinzhe’s body has been infused with the DNA of cars from the beginning, and at just 24 years old, he has been involved in professional motorsport for more than seven years, and two years ago won the China Production Car Championship Gold Cup, becoming the youngest overall champion in the history of the country’s top race. In the 2014 season, Xie Xinzhe, who represented Changan Ford Team, led the super production car group standings all the way, and winning the championship again is just around the corner.

Amazing collection

Walking into Xie Xinzhe’s home in Checheng Zhuankou, the glass display case next to the TV in the living room neatly displays various toys he fiddled with as a child, as well as the medals won by participating in the remote-controlled car four-wheel drive competition as a child, and the top of the cabinet is large and small trophies.

His study, or his “garage” to be exact, was filled with full cabinets of car models, one of which contained more than 40 Porsches, and the opposite cabinet occupied by Ferraris of all eras. Toyota “AE86”, Maserati “Birdcage”, Pagani “ZONDA R” and other classic models are placed in a more prominent position on the wall. In addition, Ford, Honda, Nissan, etc., most of these usually common flat cards also have a series of collections, and the completeness is amazing.

In the cabinet behind the desk is the old “Golf GTI”, Nissan’s drift god car “Silvia S15″… There is also a white “Rolls-Royce Gust”, these are cars related to Xie Xinzhe. The Golf was his first car in England, the Silvia S15 was the first car he chose to buy, and the most emotional one, and the Rolls-Royce was purchased by him in England for a friend in Hong Kong. He now owns a heavily modified Nissan 350Z of up to 600 hp in the UK, which was once on the cover of British Banzai Modified Car magazine. In Xie Xinzhe’s opinion, it is a very wonderful thing to turn these miniature car models into real real guys.

Xie Xinzhe has been involved in go-karts since he was 8 years old, and he cherishes his car, a go-kart loaded with Yamaha’s 13-horsepower engine that he drove in his early years is still parked on his balcony, and some of the four-wheel drive and remote-controlled cars that accompanied him to big and small races when he was a child can no longer be started, but he still keeps them.

In the UK, he has always maintained his car shining, “There is a good car culture, the car is a part of life, the car has a problem, people’s first reaction is not to send it to the 4S store, but to repair it themselves…” Xie Xinzhe, who is a junior at Oxford Brookes University, chose to major in racing engineering, he believes that China’s racing industry has great potential, and professional theoretical knowledge will also help him participate in the race.