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Busy work, heavy housework, tired life, these three mountains remind us all the time that you are a life in this era.

Mobile phones, Internet information, platform knowledge dissemination, digital transformation technology, so that we have a sense of reality living in the present, but also living in the virtual society.

Who are you, where are you from, where are you going?

These eternal philosophical questions plague not only the sentient beings who have walked in the long river of history, but also us. We will not delve into the changes of the times, different class levels, and different national cultures.

Slowly, text and video became the direction in which we wanted to seek answers.

We are all familiar with Maslow’s five levels of needs, and most of us think that they are still in physical and safety needs, and do not need to consider the ideological needs of the superstructure, which are luxuries.

In fact, when you look at other people’s works, whether it is entertaining the public, or history and culture, and all kinds of people in society, there is Maslow’s theory of needs.


People who are really on the verge of survival pay attention to practical issues in life such as what to eat tomorrow, where to live, how much money to make, etc., but in the dead of night, they will occasionally look at their environment, what kind of feelings does life bring to themselves? Is it worth working so hard yourself?

What does words mean to our lives?

At the beginning, writing, this matter, like the instinct to eat and breathe air, simply on paper or mobile phone, write thousands of words, suddenly feel that I am very good.

As long as there is a desire to express, there is a drive to write.

Behind this desire is actually Maslow’s third layer of “belonging needs”.

When you can’t meet the emotional needs brought about by your original family or marriage family, work relationships, and want more people to pay attention to or like you, words give us a good channel of expression.

Mutual attraction has a sense of empathy in the content of the text, and there is a love that supports cheering, which makes writing easier.

However, it is actually a very complicated and mysterious thing.

Mr. Xu Zhiyuan, the chief planner of the Thirteenth Invitation Program, once said: Everyone looks at the world with stereotypes, and if you don’t have stereotypes, then you don’t have a way of looking at the world at all.

This “stereotyped” way of looking at the world belongs to his literary pride in this era. If you ask other people who have studied Buddhism or experienced the wind and frost, their answer is not approval, not denial, not worrying about new words, but acceptance.

A sense of acceptance of oneself and the cultural and social phenomena of the era. Treat others with respect and kindness to yourself.

Returning to the matter of words, it is actually much the same.

Some people see a few paragraphs or a few comments on a certain event, and they make judgments without asking the bottom of the matter, and after careful consideration.

Some people only completely deny the views of others through their own experiences and feelings, blindly dogmatic criticism.

This may be an ideological stereotype, but without these stereotypes, there would be no debate in the comments section, no collision of ideas. The text will become a kind of, you write me to see, and then there will be no ending, inevitably a little lonely and lonely.

Of course, overly judgmental remarks have evolved into “Internet violence” and “human flesh search”, which is undesirable, and it is an influence that causes great harm to people’s body and mind.

All of the above similar views are all my personal experience, some once immature, once proud and confident, once young and frivolous, and once blindly following the trend.

What is writing for you now?

If at the beginning, because he liked words and could make money and meet Maslow’s basic survival needs, then after that, he may be more inclined to respect needs.

Why is there no need to belong?

Once you want to crave the attention and support of others, the written text will become more or less pure, full of routine.

This in itself is no problem, but the expression of words is also the transmission of ideas, if driven by interests, the expression of words will appear one-sided, not so objective, but the pursuit of others’ “happy points”.

I will write whatever the public loves to see, although there is no bad impact on the life of the writer himself, but for the future young people, it is more or less one-sided guidance.

For example, “I would rather cry in a BMW than laugh on a bicycle”, this is a real phenomenon of social reality, but not all. However, this Internet celebrity phrase will make many young people who have not gone out of the house feel that the era is an era of interests, and people are people of interests.

Of course, it is only to reflect purely on the influence of words, not to criticize this view, because of its own authenticity, it will become an Internet celebrity.

The value of words is the same as work, when you just want to convey your own voice and need others to pay attention and recognition, it is only a superficial level, there is no deeper meaning in it.

Work is a kind of boring, and when the division between personal life is clear, the depth of work becomes mixed at best.

Then there would be no self-fulfilling value needs proposed by Maslow, and there would be no “ten thousand hours”.

Once both words and work become the most important self-actualization in your life, and it takes countless deliberate thoughts to come to the conclusion, it is an explosive flow experience.

This also explains why everyone likes young generals such as “Gu Ailing, Su Yiming”, and also likes veterans such as “Wu Dajing, Xu Mengtao”.

Whether it is the persistence of the young will be on the goal, or the desire and sacrifice of the old will be to win. It’s all the pride of self-actualization needs, the realm that we all aspire to pursue in our hearts.

Slowly, for me, words are more of a recording tool for self-growth and self-thinking. Find what you like in writing and understand what you really want to express or pursue.

When you see a good work or opinion, I want to use the wings of words to share it with more people.

In the face of words and knowledge, it becomes small and humble. I am afraid that my cultural reserves are not rich enough, my thoughts are not deep enough, and I cannot better express my views, because there is a sky outside the sky, and there are people outside the people. The realm of others is a mountain that I can’t reach.

Then work hard and only tell yourself.

When you wrote the first word, what was your original intention?

Work hard to become a better version of yourself!