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【Mobile China News】What do young people want? They want all the eyes of the audience to be on them, they want the most beautiful scenery to be in their hands, and there is no restriction on where they want to go! Therefore, many young people often have difficulties when choosing a mobile phone, what kind of mobile phone is suitable for themselves? Huawei’s nova9 SE, which officially opened its first sale not long ago, gave the answer to the question with the hot sales trend – stylish design, excellent imaging capabilities, innovative system experience, and high cost performance.

Huawei nova9 SE

Huawei nova9 SE continues the product concept of Huawei nova series “beauty before everything”, and its trendy beauty design genes are vividly reflected in this new product. Huawei nova9 SE has three color combinations this time: Phantom Night Black, Mother-of-Pearl White, and Ice Crystal Blue, which can meet the different aesthetics of young people for color.

Huawei nova9 SE adopts a 6.78-inch large screen configuration, and the straight screen design meets the preferences of many young people. This new product also adopts a 1.05mm ultra-narrow bezel, achieving an ultra-high screen-to-body ratio of 94.85%; Coupled with the 7.94mm thin body, the beauty of technology is displayed between the lines. Huawei nova9 SE also continues the classic star ring elements of the Huawei nova series, making this phone highly recognizable, while highlighting its powerful imaging hardware configuration.

In terms of image shooting experience, Huawei nova series insists on image exploration, and the 100 million pixel image experience of Huawei nova9 SE blessed by the Harmony system has unexpected surprises. If your photos are always unclear or you want to experience more video shooting, then this new product will not disappoint you.

Huawei nova9 SE 100 million pixel main camera

The Huawei nova9 SE is equipped with a 100-million-pixel AI quad camera system on the rear, which is a 108-million-pixel main lens, an 8-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens, a 2-megapixel depth of field lens, and a 2-megapixel macro lens. The comprehensive four-camera lens configuration can be said to be able to firmly grasp the needs of young people to shoot images in all scenes. The front camera of the Huawei nova9 SE is equipped with a 16-megapixel lens and supports AI adaptive beauty and other functions to record the beauty of every moment at any time.

Color is the soul of images, and color is Huawei’s unique feature in image exploration. How do you mix the colors to be pleasant? Just look at the photos taken by the Huawei nova9 SE. The color is bright and not eye-catching, the color is clear and not greasy, no need to be thick and colorful, as long as the most authentic record, as long as the most true self.

Huawei nova9 SE sample

Behind such excellent image performance, the Hongmeng system is its solid foundation, young people’s lives are rich and colorful, Hongmeng’s images are comprehensive and powerful, double-view video, remote photography… There’s always one of these creative features that you can use. In addition, with the advantages of the distributed technology of the Harmony system, Huawei nova9 SE will soon support multi-camera shooting mode.

Huawei nova9 SE dual view video

Speaking of the Harmony system experience, Huawei nova9 SE has also introduced a very interesting function – desktop cute pet. We only need to launch the theme APP on the mobile phone desktop to open the desktop pet function, among which the well-known trend IP “B.Duck Little Yellow Duck” and Huawei-themed original IP “Cat Town Bruce” two cute pet images have been launched for the first time. Every time you light up the phone screen, the cute pet will interact with you funny or warm reminders, making you feel quite good for the day.

Huawei nova9 SE desktop cute pet

Adhering to Huawei’s leading advantages in the communications field, Huawei nova9 SE supports Harmony Intelligent Communication, cellular network and Wi-Fi multi-network collaboration, AI signal prediction, and inductive switching. Changlian APP supports up to 12 friends for video calls, so the family can reunite at any time, and friends can easily chat from far away.

Huawei video call

Unfettered is the pursuit of young people, want to go out to play but find that the mobile phone is running out of battery can only wait honestly? Huawei nova9 SE supports 66W super fast charging, it only takes 15 minutes to charge to 60%, and it only takes 35 minutes to fully charge the battery. At the same time, the 4000mAh battery with the powerful optimization ability of the Hongmeng system, there is no problem in using it for a day, and it is not afraid of the mobile phone power to restrict your steps.

Huawei nova9 SE supports 66W super fast charging

In general, in the price range of 2,000 yuan, Huawei nova9 SE can be said to have a fairly high cost performance. The price from only 2199 yuan is not only full of sincerity, with the blessing of the Hongmeng system for image shooting and full-scene use experience, it can be said that it is a “dimensionality reduction blow” in this price range, which is worthy of young people as the first glare when buying a new mobile phone

Huawei nova9 SE