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The temperature is gradually warming up, and I guess the favorite short skirts in the fairies’ wardrobes have also begun to “return to work”

As the most fashionable outfit in spring and summer, the short skirt is not only super invincible to show the legs, but also cool!

Wearing a skirt is very feminine

But at the same time”


If you’re not careful, you’ll be gone!


The elegant intellect of hard dressing

It will shatter in an instant~

In summer there are three defenses:

Sun protection, light walking, color wolf protection!

If you don’t pay attention to it, you will be secretly photographed and put on the Internet

Then it’s really a fire…

So the editor wants to talk to you today, summer is very daily, very inconspicuous, but very necessary anti-light items:

Safety pants

Many people are used to using safety pants to resolve embarrassment, thinking that it is just a thin layer of anti-light fabric. But in fact, wear two pairs of underwear (a pair of underwear, a pair of safety pants) in summer,

For girls, it is simply a “high-temperature torture”, too breathable!

And long-term being covered by wet and stuffy underwear and safety pants, it is easy to breed bacteria, which is very unhealthy for our private parts!

Recently, the editor dug up one

Lace plus-size loose modal shorts,

Breathable, moisture-absorbent, buttocks lifting, high value


, can be called shorts, pajama pants, safety pants in one.

Huh? Isn’t this safety pants?

Hold your horses! Small editor to everyone

Popularize science!

Everyone thinks that safety pants are used for underwear~

But actually

Safety pants were originally used for safety and hygiene

Prevent infection and inflammation of women’s private parts~

Skin-friendly modal breathable and moisture-absorbent

In order to have the most comfortable wearing feeling, Italy has introduced a number of professional seamless craft machines, combined with the latest

Plant fiber fabric

, one-piece non-marking cut, comfortable as if not worn.

The fabric is modal fabric, the fabric is average

The moisture absorption effect is superb

, can keep the private environment clean and comfortable.

Modal lace safety pants are definitely more reliable than your panties, it not only has a filter isolation layer on the outermost layer,

It also comes with an antibacterial inner crotch and a moisture-draining crotch

, can ensure that when wearing safety pants, the private parts remain healthy and dry.

Internal files

Unique Cu+ ion

Always active in bacteriostatic cotton

24 hours

Keep your private parts clean

The innermost antibacterial crotch contains

Abundant copper ion fibers

, copper ion fiber has strong bacteriostasis, it can not only inhibit the growth of bacteria, but also play a killing effect on bacteria.

Ensure a sterile environment in your private parts!

authoritative detection,

The bacteriostatic rate is as high as 99%.

You know, the laundry detergent at home is not so high!

It’s so powerful~

99% bacteriostatic effect!

Can deal with our most often

Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans

Three-dimensional fit All-round buttock lift and tummy tummy

Asian women generally have flat buttocks, this one

Not only is it anti-light, but it also adopts a W shape on the hips

Buttock design

, wraps buttock fat and lifts rounded buttocks.

The three-dimensional cut that fits the human hips, wearing them can effectively improve the curve of the hips by more than 15 degrees,

Outline sexy peach buttocks

The hips connect the waist and abdomen with the legs, and when the hips are firm and firm, you can make the waist very thin, and you can also show the length of the legs, and you can look good in anything.

The fairies immediately exploded the pot~


Too! Good! Wear! La!

The high-rise design makes the waist bag fit better.

Lace safety pants, at any time to vent moisture and odors,

Even if you meet the menstrual period in the hot summer, it is no longer uncomfortable;

The private parts are always dry, not stuffy or damp, and enjoy the cool and nude feeling like a vacuum!

“Clean” underneath the woman

The face has good natural skin and less pigmentation~

Look at both

Several years younger~

3D peach buttocks design, lift buttocks and tummy to show 10 pounds thinner!

Women are most afraid

Hip collapse

Thick waist

The whole person looks very bloated

Wear beautiful clothes


It doesn’t show a bit of temperament


The designer targets Asian women

private parts

The curve is flat and collapsed

Carried out

Up to 3 years, more than 50,000 times

Human body modeling

Finally got the one that drove Asian women crazy


3D Peach Curve!

After putting it on

The buttocks that were originally stayed

The fat was instantly gathered

Raise the hip line by 15°

, which becomes rounded and curved

Worth a hundred dollars in shapewear pants!

The more the butt crosses the upturn, the narrower the waist crosses!

What skirt pants to put on

The elasticity is very good, and the fairies who are not afraid of wearing uncomfortable clothes can be controlled to within 150 pounds

The editor tried it myself, oh my God!!


Good! Good!!

The gaze of the male colleagues in the company has changed when they look at me…

Top lace fabric, “Monroe” style sexy!

High-quality trouser waistband, waist made of high-elastic lace, no trace technology, not easy to deform, more beautiful and delicate.

Exquisite workmanship creates exquisite underwear, comfortable and non-marking flat angle three-point design, comprehensive tolerance without strangulation, comfortable fit, fashion style!

Super breathable

, steam penetrates instantly, and the skin is refreshing and not stuffy all summer long.

The safety pants are safely dyed with natural plant dyes as a whole, and Xiaobian did a small test and added washing powder

Soak for 2 hours, also completely non-fading.

You can wear a skirt

I really feel the flow of air

The wind caresses the secret garden, no longer afraid to go away

Gracefully covered and smiled

This is exactly the sultry sexiness of “Lian Monroe-style”~

The high-waisted design allows MMs with piles of meat

It will not be uncomfortable after wearing it, and it has the effect of tummy tumble!

This lace also has the advantage that it is not rolled up, now many safety pants, there are roll-up problems, it is very uncomfortable to wear, it will always roll up, the length of this lace is to prevent curling!

A variety of colors to meet the customer’s own preferences, there are many sizes, and you can choose the right size at will.

What users love about these safety pants,

Just look at the reviews

With it, long skirts and short skirts can be worn casually, and waves can fly this summer~

Lace plus-size loose modal shorts,

Lace plus-size loose modal shorts,