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Kung Ka-yan, Law Tin-yu, Wang Min-yi and Ju Ziqiao recently attended the opening ceremony of the new drama “Hong Kong Love Story” at Tseung Kwan O TV City.

Luo Tianyu made a slip of the tongue on stage and said that he did not know Gong Jiaxin. Asked about the husband and wife played by Gong Jiaxin, he does not know each other? Luo Tianyu smiled that he was not very familiar, and he had the impression that he had filmed a costume drama together, but he had not filmed an opponent scene and Gong Jiaxin revealed that on the first day of work, he will go to the clock hotel with Luo Tianyu to shoot a bed scene, and he will be sexy with erotic underwear, and he must cultivate feelings as soon as possible. Luo Tianyu smiled that he could meet to do Gym together, because he would wear underwear half-naked and needed to strengthen his muscle lines, Gong Jiaxin heard that he didn’t know about this scene, and asked if he was surprised? She laughed and said, “It’s a fright! I can’t imagine this scene at all! ”

According to rumors, Gong Jiaxin has a Malaysian boyfriend, and Luo Tianyu was recently photographed going out on a date with Dai Zuyi and had a scandal, asking if he needed to report to his other half when filming an intimate scene? Gong Jiaxin waved her hand and shook her head when she was accused of having a new relationship: “It’s really not, we just set up a hot pot restaurant, opened for a month, I register cash, make dumplings and do everything.” Luo Tianyu said that he is single, Christmas is spent alone, the New Year countdown forgot his wallet in the restaurant, lost four-figure cash, when the reporter asked if there was a photo of Dai Zuyi in the wallet, he laughed that he only had his ID photo.

And Zeng Zhiwei’s daughter-in-law Wang Minyi estimates that at least 3 or 4 subjects will shoot intimate scenes, because the role this time is more open and active, but she is afraid of commitment, not a traditional girl. Q: Did you report to your husband Zeng Guoxiang? Wang Minyi said that she had not asked her husband’s opinion because she was still discussing the scale with the director. He said that the TV scale will not be too excessive, the shape will not be deliberately sexy, of course, you may wear a suspender when you get up at home, but it will not be exposed. Referring to visiting her mother-in-law in the hospital with her husband a few days ago, she said that she would try to visit when she had time, and would divide labor with her husband, and the family should take care of each other.

Speaking of Wang Minyi’s husband, Zeng Guoxiang can be said to be quite powerful. He is the director of “July and Ansheng” and “Young You”. “July and Ansheng” won 12 nominations at the 36th Academy Awards, and let Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun win the throne of the Golden Horse Film Queen. And the box office and word of mouth of “Young You”, which paid attention to campus violence some time ago, can be described as a double explosion, which has not only been well received by the industry, but also shortlisted for the top ten films on the global screen.

As the “first sister of the star dream”, Ju Ziqiao also appeared in the worship ceremony of “Hong Kong Love Story”, and this time she will play a role with dialogue, which is the first time to shoot a series. Hana said: “The characters in this episode will have a lot of dialogue for the episodes that have been featured before. I have my own styling positioning, and I will follow the shooting for a few months, but I am actually very nervous, because it can be said that this is the first time to shoot a series. There are a lot of things to pay attention to, in fact, after all, I have been singing for several years, and I really want to try something different. Because I was afraid that the audience would get tired of hearing me sing. If you try more, you will feel fresher. ”

This time’s drama also has the participation of old drama bones Gong Ci’en , Shi Xiu, artists Xie Dongmin, Li Lifen, Liang Zhengjia and others, which can be said to be very fresh and very exciting!