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In addition to lighting, the role of lamps and lanterns has another very obvious feature is that the decoration is embellished, and the shaping of the atmosphere is inseparable from the light. So how to choose lamps in the decoration of the new house? The decoration of the new house will be divided into different areas, different areas have different functions, and the choice of lamps is also different, below

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Let’s talk about how to choose lamps and lanterns in the decoration of new houses.

1. Restaurant

The lighting requirements of the dining area often require horizontal downward illumination, and the position design of the lamp should be selected directly above the dining table.

Lamps will accumulate dust for a long time, so the choice of lamps should also pay attention to easy cleaning, Wuhan family a decoration recommended lampshade material selection of glass or metal materials is preferred, cleaning is more convenient.

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2. Kitchen and bathroom

Spaces such as kitchens and bathrooms generally have relatively large water vapor, and the choice of lamps and lanterns is mainly moisture-proof and stainless lamps, and they are generally embedded in the ceiling.

The location of the installation should also be noted, like the kitchen area, the location of the installation of lamps should avoid oil smoke, and at the same time use glass and enamel lampshades, it is more convenient to clean up.

Bathroom area, first of all, the characteristics of the lamp should be bright and soft, because the bathroom is generally relatively large water vapor, in addition, the lamp should also have the function of moisture-proof, but also can not rust, so the material should also pay attention.

3. Living room

The lighting design of the living room area needs to consider the floor height, if the floor height is low overall, it is recommended to use floor lamps or ceiling lamps, and chandeliers are not recommended. If the floor height is higher, you can use the chandelier, which will not seem to be inconsistent, and the choice of lamps should pay attention to color and shape, and the matching of other furniture in the living room should be coordinated.

4. Bedroom

As a rest space, the bedroom is naturally to show warmth and comfort, the design of lamps and lanterns should first show a convenient characteristic, it is recommended to match more lamps, such as bedside lamps, ceiling lamps, desk lamps, etc., several lamps are used together, for wall lamps, lampshades we can choose diffuse materials, which can make the light soft and shape a comfortable rest atmosphere.

The above about how to choose the new house decoration lamps, Wuhan family decoration for you to introduce here, if you have decoration needs, please contact

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