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Look at the stars, learn to dress, welcome to pay attention to “simple style fashion”!

The recent hit Korean drama “The King: Eternal Monarch” starred Lee Min Ho’s partner Kim Go-eun after his return.

The story takes place in the “parallel world”, the Korean Empire monarch Lee Gon, the Republic of Korea policewoman Jung Tae-yi, punishing evil and seeking justice, a magical love story across time and space.

Jin Gaoyin is one of the few girls with outstanding temperament with single eyelids, a typical second-eyed beauty.

The character in the play is a capable criminal police officer who often fights with criminals, so her dressing style is more of a civilian neutral casual style, and her shoes are mainly comfortable and practical canvas shoes.

Today, I will take an inventory of the 2 canvas shoe brands most commonly worn by Jin Gaoyin in the play.


Converse canvas shoes have always been a classic item sought after by fashion circles.

Different colors, low-top or high-top, with different styles of clothing will not violate the sense of harmony.

Converse canvas shoes are the main styling items in the Golden High Silver drama, and girls who like street casual style can learn from them.

The picture above is to find clues to solve the case, the shape of Jin Gaoyin is a pair of ginger high-top Converse canvas shoes and blue jeans, which is in line with the sassy and capable positioning of the female criminal police.

There are colorful high-top Converse canvas shoes, folded jeans and trouser legs, the age-reducing effect is obvious, and the heroine’s youthful and lively personality is easily interpreted.

Converse’s basic low-top white canvas shoes are also common shoes in gold and silver dramas.

Compared to brightly colored ginger canvas shoes, white canvas shoes are more classic and versatile, and are a must-have for your shoe cabinet.

Converse canvas shoes with affordable prices also have many star fans.

Oscar-winning winner Joaquin Phoenix’s fiancĂ©e wore Converse canvas shoes with a gown.

Popular actress Ouyang Nana is also a big fan of Converse canvas shoes, and many of her street photos are matched with different colors and styles of Converse canvas shoes, and her casual and handsome outfit highlights her youthful girlishness.


Vans is a world-renowned casual fashion brand loved by young people.

The striped design on both sides is the brand founder Paul. Fan. The pattern painted by Doron has since become the logo of Vans.

Vans canvas shoes can not only be worn with pants to interpret street style, but also with skirts with feminine elements to interpret European and American style.

Vans Style 36, the item worn by Jin Gaoyin in the play, is a classic shoe with a retro temperament, and many stars also love it very much.

Many of Lin Yuner’s street photos are also matched with Vans canvas shoes, and different shapes can be easily handled with versatile Vans canvas shoes.

Zhou Jieqiong’s light blue Vans canvas shoes and full-body color system one, the people-friendly style is like a fresh and lively sister next door.

For more outfit sharing, welcome to pay attention to “simple style fashion”!

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