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Text/Ju Tong

There are several couples in the entertainment industry who have carried out their love to the end, including Xi Mengyao He Youjun, Zhao Liying Feng Shaofeng, Tang Yixin Zhang Ruoyun, Tang Yan Luo Jin, Liu Shishi Wu Qilong, compared to other artists, these artists are really happy, after all, some artists have not yet met their suitable other half, and are still looking for them.

In this issue, the editor will talk about Liu Shishi Wu Qilong and his wife, the couple is exactly 16 years apart, as early as four years ago, the two played “Step by Step” together, it was precisely because of this TV series that the two had a relationship, so they established a romantic relationship, which was not favored by everyone at that time, because after all, there was too much age difference between the two, and there were uncertain factors.

However, sometimes life is so wonderful, not the relationship that is favored by everyone is stable, and the relationship that is not favored by the family must have problems, so the two not only write love letters to each other when they are in love, express their affection, but also Liu Shishi Wu Qilong’s wedding is also particularly luxurious, it is reported that this bride price is also enviable.

In this way, after the relationship between the husband and wife was stable, they officially held a beautiful wedding in beautiful Bali, so the husband and wife were as loving as ever, and they have always appeared together, sometimes traveling together at home and abroad, sometimes shopping and shopping together, really a fairy couple, making everyone feel that they are really a model couple, but they have never had a baby.

After all, the two are married, but seeing that many artists have their own babies, but they have been married for more than three years of relationship, there is no movement, one is 49 years old, the other is 33 years old, should have a baby, until the beginning of last year, Wu Qilong officially announced that his beloved wife was pregnant!

Everyone cheered and expressed their congratulations. Last year, I officially had a baby, and from a two-person world to a family of three, after experiencing a period of raising a baby, Liu Shishi also officially made a comeback recently, and frankly told everyone that the life of raising her daughter is really flooded with maternal love,

It seems that it is really enviable, up to the hall, down to the kitchen! Then Liu Shishi after the comeback is also particularly eye-catching, and this time it seems that the husband and wife are going to travel together again. Wu Qilong wore a black down jacket, while Liu Shishi wore a plaid pink fur collared coat,

With a black hat and black leather shoes, she is really fairy, and everyone thinks this look is really good. And in the editor’s opinion, in fact, Liu Shishi’s dress is quite ordinary, but she wears an international level,

is simply a goddess full of style, after all, different goddesses dress their own merits, as a goddess, Liu Shishi is really a beautiful wife, what do you think?