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If I were to choose only one pair of shoes in autumn and winter, I would really choose boots, and it would definitely be good to wear first.

Whatever it is

Wear it with skirts, pants, or missing lower body

, you say, which boots it can’t wear? The all-rounder of the entire one-shoe world is to say!

As a fashion blogger, I know the importance of buying boots, after all, the atmosphere created by different boots is completely different, it can be a lively and youthful sweet style, or a Korean lady with a ladylike temperament.

There is such a saying that describes my opinion on boots:

Well chosen boots, boyfriend casually look for it!

Today, Grain will come to talk to everyone

What are the boots worth starting in autumn and winter, which are not easy to step on thunder

, and arrange the matching method for you, just copy the homework directly!

· Smoke-barrel boots

· Cowboy boots

· Knight boots

Hurry up and follow in the footsteps of grains and choose boots together!

Smoke-barrel boots

The chimney boots are thickened versions of Chelsea boots, already in the first two years

No, fashion bloggers have almost every pair.

Look at this high-class sense of full screen, who can withstand it!

Don’t look at its thick and heavy appearance, don’t be too practical in autumn and winter,

Appearance, comfort, quality

Pick out any one is very resistant!

No matter what style route you take, it can be arranged for you clearly.

How to choose a smoker boot?


No matter what boots, the barrel height is

Important metrics that cannot be overlooked

, especially in the smoker boots.

It is recommended that the little cuties must put themselves in advance when choosing

The dimension of the calf and the shape of the leg are clear

, which is conducive to choosing the right boots for you.

How do you wear smoker boots?

Smoker boots + sweatpants

Casual and handsome combined to make the whole person penetrate

Showing a casual and free temperament.

Fleshy girls can try this outfit, sweatpants can modify the shape of the legs, and the neat and thick soles of the smoker boots can be increased to appear

The whole person is thin and tall

Smoker boots + wide-leg pants

Who said wide-leg pants can only be paired with slacks?! I was the first to disagree.

In fact, the thickened and enlarged version of the smoke tube boots can

It echoes the breadth of wide-leg pants very well

, there is a visual balance, and the boots that are inadvertently exposed add a sense of fashion!

Cowboy boots

I don’t know if there are any cuties who like to watch Western movies, anyway, I was really obsessed with this kind of film for a while, whatever

Wilderness Redemption, Once Upon a Time in the West

I read it all.

In fact, this kind of old film brings us more

Pristine wildness and adventurous spirit

, if you look at it, it will make people’s blood rush.

Cowboy hats, cowboy boots and a revolver are their standard, all over the body

Exudes an uninhibited atmosphere

Western cowboy boots also came from this, in addition to evolving more beautifully, but also retained

Comfortable and wear-resistant

The characteristics, as a pair of boots, are very qualified.


Since then, all kinds of stars and bloggers are interpreting its sense of fashion!

How to choose cowboy boots?

Most cowboy boots are mainly mid-barrel, but to be honest,

The height of the middle tube is really not suitable for girls with thick legs and short legs.

Short legs→ feel cut straight from the middle, appearing shorter legs.

The thick leg → stuck directly at the calf position, revealing just where you are the thickest.

If the leg ratio is good, I didn’t say, but if our legs are not perfect, let’s honestly find a pair of tall ones to wear.

How do you wear cowboy boots?

Cowboy boots + jeans

Because the barrel mouth of this boot is on the large side, it is very

Pair it with some leggings

, tuck your pants in.

This solves the trouble of little cuties who don’t know how to wear boots in autumn and winter, and they have a cool feeling.

Cowboy boots + skirt

Compared to long skirts, cowboy boots are more suitable to wear with short skirts because of themselves

Boots have a strong sense of design and the ability to modify the shape of the legs is good

, so it is good to expose your legs.

Don’t say that you can’t wear a skirt in winter, the bare-legged artifact shared with you two days ago hurry up to buy, fashion essence winter is indispensable for this thing.

Knight boots

It is clear that these boots were originally used by knights to wear shoes when riding horses, because

The leather is stiffer and the fit is straighter

, so it will give people a feeling of being capable and handsome.

Knight boots are usually boots,

The height is below the knee

, so don’t pick the leg type much, you can see that there are many fried chickens worn on the street in autumn and winter!

Wuli Naza’s outfit before was really stunning to me, obviously the skirt was girly, but after putting on a pair of lace-up knight boots, it was a kind

Sailor Moon’s sassy and handsome

, it’s just foul!

How to choose knight boots?


The basic model is not laceed, but also divided into pointed and round heads, the overall is more delicate, and the whole person is more gentle after wearing it.

Strappy type

More a row of strap design, more sense of style, more

Suitable for sweet and cool girls who take the ghost horse route

Many Korean idols also love the lace-up style of knight boots, it seems

Really energetic and energetic

There is a gap between the leg and the boot

When choosing such boots, Grain suggests that cuties better go to a physical store and try them out.

It is best between the boot barrel and the leg

Leave 1-2cm of space

, visually it will be more small, if you don’t believe it, try it!

How do you wear knight boots?

Knight boots + skinny jeans

Because the boots themselves are wide at the top and thin at the bottom, the ability to slim legs is recognized by the fashion industry, for some

Muscular calves

Really super friendly!

Especially this kind of tight jeans is actually not good with shoes,

Wearing flat shoes is too ordinary, high heels are too tiring,

Knight boots are undoubtedly the best option.

Knight boots + tonal leather jacket

The combination of leather clothing is very suitable for hot girls out of the street concave shape, and the two echo each other in terms of material,

The overall degree of integration will also be higher

The leather jacket is usually exclusive to motorcycle girls, and the lower body is paired with a printed short skirt,

Reduced metallic feel

, is a way to wear that ordinary people can hold!

Boot PickTips

Calf thick selection

Low or high cylinder

If you have to wear a mid-barrel, you can tuck long pants into your boots.

Matching pants and skirts is stress-free, and there are not many style options.

Girls with small thick legs and short legs go directly to the high cylinder, and the V-neck can define the leg line well.

When buying

Pay attention to the boot dimension

, not too big or too small, just a little thicker than your own legs.

If you are hard, you can choose black; Gentle can choose brown; Girls can choose white.

The ghost horse girl chooses the strappy model;

Intellectual elegance chooses the basics

Today’s sharing about boots is over, this time for the little cuties

Three boots that I think are more practical and look good in autumn and winter

, you can choose the one that suits you according to your style and figure.

Smoke-barrel boots


Cowboy boots

Knight boots