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From the rumored Chen Qianqian to the Three Thousand Crows to the Emperor Majesty to Chunhua! Treasure sweet girl Zhao Lusi is really the heart of this sugar, how can there be such a cute girl~

I have to say that there is a reason why this post-ninety girl became popular, because she is so good at dressing! She is really the cutest of so many female stars in the editor’s mind to carry big-name bags! Sweetheart girl Zhao Lusi is the best reference model for most cute girls!

Today, let’s take a look at what cute bags Ruth has in her wardrobe!

There are countless big-name bags that Ruth has carried, but the most frequent appearances must be GUCCI, Dionysian bags, horsebit buckles, Qixi limited models, all kinds of Gucci bags have a sweet breath under her interpretation, babies who don’t know what to wear on a date can really follow Ruth’s outfit directly, and there will be no mistake!

In her private photos, Gucci’s bags account for a large proportion ~ Classic Dionysian series & horsebit 1955 series, she has ~ Recently, you can also see Gucci’s recently listed Tanabata Valentine’s Day special series bags! Gucci apple old flowers on wuli shredded meat is cute! Sweet Crit!

Chanel can definitely rank in the top three of the Luc Chang backpack list, and the little princess of Chanel in the world Ruth can actually carry Chanel so freshly! However, Ruth has several Chanel bags are already difficult to buy, in addition to the stray bag is relatively easy to buy, like the blue-green transparent Chanel and denim cf are now almost impossible to buy at the counter, if you want to buy, you can only go through the vintage store to find it!

It’s hard to believe that Ruth actually carries Celine quite a lot, when the cute little fairy meets the cold and elegant Celine, it actually has a special style, and the style is really changeable!

It must be mentioned that celine’s smiley bag, Celine’s smiley bag and Ruth’s smiley face really match!

This bag can be said to be its very out-of-the-loop bag, it has a lot of colors and combinations, there is always a suitable one for you~

Goyard, a relatively niche luxury product, is wonderful in that its color is really too good-looking and too advanced, the style of walking is suitable for most cute cute girls, Ruth for this brand of bags’ interpretation is really amazing to the editor, the color choice is relatively fresh, super in line with her temperament ~ cute girls don’t miss it!

A popular BV Baodiejia pillow bag in hand, originally the editor was immune to it, but after Zhao Lusi carried it, the editor fell in love with this bag again, and the explosive model still has a reason to explode, it’s really a good match!

But salt and sweet is such a bag!

Jimmychoo such a little fairy brand, Ruth will not miss it, this bag that has always belonged to the brand of the little fairy is famous for its girlish heart, but in Ruth’s outfit, this brand of bags actually has a fresh and elegant feeling, Wuli Ruth little fairy is really too cute!

Bvlgari’s Valentine’s Day limited edition bag is also really wonderful, luxurious design but Blingbling is cool, such a perfect bag has not been seen for a long time! If you see it, don’t miss it again!

Bag inventory over! Sisters can get the same style! The next fresh and sweet girl is you!

However, sugar candy still has to remind that the bag is the most important thing for you Oh, rich and thrifty by people~