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The camisole to wear in the summer, don’t wait until the summer to buy, now it is used to mix and match the most fashionable, but different suspenders, can achieve the style change of “soft glutinous” and “beautiful”. In the alternating season of spring and summer, the favorite is the layering of vest + coat, because “easy to wear and easy to take off, you can peel off the coat when it is hot”!

Thousands of stylish vests, let’s change this one if it doesn’t work! Check out which of the trendiest vests of the year is best for you!

Daddy vest

The fashion circle has not only caught fire with “grandma vest” and “daddy pants”, but also recently eyed “daddy vest”. This basic vest, with its casual and comfortable style on the body, makes it a trendy item on the tip of many fashionable and elaborate tips.

Wear some beautiful accessories to enhance the sophistication.

The “King Fried Combination” of mopping trousers + daddy vest is suitable for cool girls, and wearing it is a cool girl who walks with the wind, looks relaxed and bends in minutes.

Change into jeans, you can also become a retro Hong Kong star in a second, full of age sense.

With a pair of cool leather pants, A and sassy, this wave of mixing and matching is quite sensual!

When the “tough guy” flavorful daddy vest is paired with a skirt, it can also be taken in minutes, this kind of soft and hard wearing method is not fast to learn?

If you manage to build abs before summer rolls in, show them! The hem of the vest is knotted, and the tightness of the upper body and the lower body produce a sexy and casual contrast, which is very spicy!

Or directly wear a short vest, a must-have for girls with a vest line, with high-waisted pants, it is really “legs below the chest”, casual and sexy!

Wearing a vest alone or feeling a little cold in an air-conditioned room, a light jacket is just right. With a soft and sticky knitwear, the temperament instantly becomes gentle~

Because the daddy vest itself is a relatively boyish piece, with a shirt, it is casual and casual, if you want to enhance the sense of sophistication, it is recommended to stack some necklaces.

Wearing a suit suit is too professional, and the inside is changed into an old man’s vest with slightly exposed collarbones, and it is A and sassy!

Asymmetrical design vest

If you feel that the basic vest is too monotonous to satisfy your restless heart, then the versatile and interesting irregular vest can definitely circle your heart.

One of the most “popular” is the one-shoulder vest, the asymmetrical design, not only can you have a swan neck in minutes, but also the exposed side of the collarbone is more sexy, making you instantly look more unique and fashionable than others.

Jennie is the typical shoulder vest enthusiast, constantly calling for this slightly sexy vest.

Asymmetrical vest with wide-leg pants, although the degree of skin exposure is relatively high, but because it looks street-style, it is not “too sexy” tacky~, and it will be more stylish and more attractive with some accessories.

Universal jeans paired with a one-shoulder vest weakens the feminine feel, and the sissy is balanced.

With a skirt, the curves are bumpy and uneven, and the return rate is absolutely stable.

If you feel that your skin is exposed too much, you can wear a coat, it looks soft in the man~ This combination is also very suitable for sisters who want to cover their flesh~

Bodice vest

This year, fashionistas also love to wear “corsets”. The so-called corset, in fact, is very similar to Bra, but it is a little more conservative than Bra, and it can be worn to the extent that it can show the slender waist to the greatest extent, and it is very medieval aristocratic lady feel~

There are really many styles of “corsets”, and basically everyone can find the one they like! This corset resembles a smiley face on the chest, so it is called a smiley corset. It has both a beautiful silhouette of a chest shape and is sexy~

Because the design is relatively simple, you can put a little article on the accessories around the neck when wearing it alone, and the whole set is immediately richer.

If we’re worried about being too exposed, we can actually layer a shirt underneath and still see the explosion! It can also shrink the waist and show the chest, and the figure is bumpy.

The fishbone corset is more like an upgraded version of the shapewear, relying on the support of the fishbone to achieve the contraction of the waist, and concave the V-shaped waist in minutes.

Jennie’s stage costume wears a similar fishbone corset, which is really refreshing and cool in summer~

This silk-satin fishbone corset has a premium texture, but the design is simpler, and it may be better to take photos indoors.

Since it’s really exciting, we can wear it as an underwear and a coat with a really French style!