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Hainan is located in the tropics, the climate environment is superior, suitable for planting a lot of tropical fruits, some are uncommon rare and exotic fruits, friends to Hainan travel, buy some tropical fruits home to give to relatives and friends, is a very good choice.

This article gives you non-authoritative recommendations for the top ten special fruits that must be bought in Hainan, in no particular order, I hope you like it.

1. Mango

It is essential to bring some mangoes to Hainan, and buying them on the ground has many advantages than online, and you can spend less money to buy better quality mangoes.

There are many varieties of mangoes grown in Hainan, with delicate flesh, sweet smell, suitable taste, rich in vitamins, and known as the “tropical fruit king”. Mangoes bloom in December ~ February and ripen in March ~ September, with early and late varieties to choose from, and it is the best season to eat Hainan mangoes.

2. Dragon fruit

The quality of Hainan dragon fruit is also ranked first in China, and it is native to Brazil, Mexico and other regions, and is a typical tropical plant.

Most varieties of Hainan dragon fruit are imported from Taiwan and then improved, with smooth and huge flowers before ripening, and the fruit is full of fragrance, which is much better than dragon fruit imported from Vietnam and other places.

3. Lotus fog

The fruit in Hainan is the most beautiful, and I dare say it must be lotus fog. The shape of the lotus mist is like a hanging bell, and it is placed on the ground like a lotus platform, so it is called lotus mist.

There are many types of lotus mist, and the color of the fruit is different from each species, but the colors are more vivid, including clear green, pink, large red and so on. Pink has more moisture, sweet and sour; The big red color has less water, but it is sweet and delicious.

4. Soursop

When it comes to cherimoya, many people think they haven’t eaten it, but it’s actually the well-known Shakya fruit. Each place has the name of each place, Lin Yong (Guangdong Chaoshan Province), Marks Luotuo (Guangxi), Yangpolo (Guangxi Longzhou), Tomato (Guangxi Pingxiang), Shakya, Fan Ghost Lychee, Buddha Head Fruit (Taiwan), because the appearance resembles Lychee, in Hainan it is called Cherimoya.

Soursca is eaten after softening, very, very sweet, and has a special aroma, large cherimoya is more expensive, small cherimoya is cheaper.

5. Jackfruit

Hainan jackfruit bears fruit on the trunk or main branch, also called “tree pineapple”, “wood pineapple”, is the heaviest and largest fruit in the world, generally weighing 5-20kg, the heaviest can reach more than 50kg.

Native to India and Malaysia, it has been introduced to Hainan Island for a hundred years and is widely cultivated throughout the island. There are more than 30 varieties of jackfruit, divided into two categories: hard meat and soft meat. It blooms every spring, ripens in summer and autumn, and is fragrant when ripe.

6. Coconut

Coconut tree is one of the most common fruits in Hainan, its four seasons flowers bloom and fall, fruits are continuous, coconut meat, juice can be eaten, a wide range of uses, coconut meat can be processed into a variety of food, used to stew chicken, it has become one of Hainan cuisine. Coconut water is rich in protein, fat and vitamins, which promote cell regrowth, and can be drunk and sweet.

7. Lychee

There are many varieties of Hainan lychee, it is a more common fruit in Hainan, and it can be grown all over Hainan, and the more famous ones are Haikou crater lychee. The skin of lychee fruit is scaly and protruding, bright red or purple red, and the fresh flesh is translucent coagulated, delicious and intolerant to storage.

8. Sapodilla

Human heartfruit, alias Wu Fengpersim (Taiwanese name), hematite fruit, odd fruit, etc., is a tropical fruit of the mountain olive family, native to southern Mexico to Central America, the West Indies, because the shape of human heart fruit looks like a human heart, so it is named.

The taste of ripe sapodilla is relatively delicious, the unripe sapodilla contains a lot of tannins, the taste is relatively astringent, and the ripe fruit is very sweet and has a very unique fruity aroma.

9. Egg lucuma

Hainan lucuma fruit is named because the flesh resembles the yolk of a hard-boiled egg. The lucuma fruit is spherical, green when unripe, ripe fruit yellowish green to orange-yellow, smooth, thin skin, orange-yellow flesh, little water content, sweet taste.

10. Carambola

Carambola is mainly grown in the Lingnan area, each place is called differently, there are five seeds, yang peach, peach, three lian zi and other names, because the flesh cross-cut resembles a star, so it is also called “star fruit”.

When carambola was not yet popular, the Hainan fruit market would only have a small supply when it was in season, and most of the time it was difficult to find, and now the planting yield is increasing year by year, and it is slowly known to the public.