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Food Sterilizer,Food Processing Machinery Parts,Fish Processing Machines

A very unique and rare sweatshirt fake two-piece splicing, the splicing is the fabric of the shirt cloth, which is visually layered, but without the bloated feeling of layering. The inner tank is fleece, fine, soft and soft fleece, the feel and feel are great! Loose straight fit, casual and not simple feeling, very recommended!

Chic, fashionable, special hot print ruffled lace dress that maintains the aura while having a touch of little woman’s sexy taste! Pair it with a pair of black high-heeled booties.

High-end PU leather skirt skirt women’s high-waist slim and slim and versatile short skirt trend, with royal white sweater + high heels.

Stand collar long sleeve shirt dress women’s solid color slim short skirt shirt skirt, with leggings + leggings + boots or boots are OK.

This top is made of high-quality chiffon fabric, which does not stick to the body, will not penetrate the sun, is fashionable, and is small and fresh. Wear it with PU skirts + heels.

The new autumn trench coat is launched, and it is recommended to everyone! A very weighty one, a specially tailored fabric, a very delicate composite fabric. The fit is a very classic trench coat version, using a contrasting design, giving everyone a very different feeling, full of fashion, earning enough repeat rate!

Long-sleeved print tweed dress women’s loose casual straight lace skirt, simple with a coat + casual shoes can go out on the street!

Stripes are the classic of classics, and the most special thing about these shorts is the use of this year’s most popular irregular design, which makes it casual and casual to add a fashion trend, very special. The fabric is perfect for autumn and winter, and the high-waisted design can be easily held with sweaters and sweatshirts, and even other tops!


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