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Jingde FLT123


Many of the refractions I like are a 4-inch caliber because they not only portable but also well. Normally, I still prefer a 5-inch mirror, because in the conditions of Ning Ning, the 5-inch refraction can decompose more target details, such as moon or planets (~ 1 angle second), while deep space is better. . The problem is that things are often abnormal, and the 5-inch refraction mirror is usually too heavy. If you don’t pick up, or you can’t get up. The volume and weight increase with the increasing diameter, of course, there is also a coke ratio, for the chromatic aberration to make the mirror longer.

Only a few of the few 5-inch APOs can be counted, including the LZOS void separation three-piece lens to create a primary mirror. Although you can meet the brands you can have, such as the William Optics FLT123 plus three-inch feathers have been discontinued, and it is rare (only 24 production only), but this LZOS 123 / 738 The lens can also be posted on other brands (mainly APM’s horses). Therefore, in some extent, you can also think that this evaluation is the lens evaluation, which is why I wrote two brands.


景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测

Design and workmanship

It should be said that the Jingde FLT123 is all the best manufacturers in today’s best manufacturers. This mirror is Russia. This practice is actually very common, even the dwarf bridge recommended by the top of the domestic top Daxie Huohao does not produce the lens, but by Canon. However, the mirror of the manufacturer often is large, but this is just the opposite, very small and compact compared to the caliber, you can see the figure below.

The overall integration of the entire mirror is very high, all accessories are more compact, and there is no abrupt accessory or even screws.

From top to bottom: Jingde FLT123, AP Traveller, Dwarf Bridge FC-76DCU

Introduction to LZOS

LZOS123 / 738 is a Russian designed (non-TMB or APM Horse Pants). I have also tested a lot of LZOS mirrors in the past, I found that the lens of this brand belongs to the top level inside, whether it is workmanship or flat, or a color difference correction. Will you ask LZOS what meant?

LZOS is first is abbreviation, Russian is “Lytkarino Zavod Optychisovo Sticklo”, translated into Chinese probably the meaning of “Retekino Optical Glass Factory”, close to Moscow. As early as the Soviet period, LZOS was produced for the military to produce high-quality optical glass, mainly for investigating purposes. They still play a role, mainly producing and testing large astronomical telescope. Don’t think that the LZOS plant is a workshop level, they are actually a huge cut-end businesses, they are also developing laser holographic photography techniques for detecting large reflective lenses.

As a sub-industry, LZOS also produces the lens of a refractive mirror, and they used to do a lens for the Zeiss telescope. Of course, the most of the most is APM. They also supplies other brands of telescope, such as Stellarvue and Jingde, which is the most common of William Optics .t110.

Among them, LZOS has a whole package, starting from making glass, which means that they can be customized, causing glass to brazing glass, thus achieving customer design goals. They are also unlike many other manufacturers to rely on German Schott or Japanese Sheigan, LZOS has their own glass classification. This also means that they can do a bigger lens, but usually spot is not more than 6 inches (this is why fluorite like TEC or short bridge, because fluorite spot can be done more). Obviously LZOS can do a maximum of 20 inches, but the price flew up.


LZOS is similar to other objective glasses, and the voids are separated by three slices. The front and rear is a lead glass, and the middle is OK4 crown glass. OK4 is the LZOS unique high fluoride glass, which is equivalent to a relatively large small FPL53 glass.

景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测

The LZOS123 caliber is 123 mm, the focal length is 738 mm, the coke ratio is F6. This focal length is still very thoughtful, allowing the mirror to do very portable in this caliber, and of course it can be used as a photographed. However, huge objective holders plus three thick glasses make the entire objective group, reaching 2.8 kg.

The problem is here, such a short focal length can fix the color difference, this is the meaning of the APO refraction. If it is two-piece consumed, it reaches the equivalent color difference, it is necessary to focus the ratio of F15. The FS128 coke ratio of the short bridge is F8, the N127 of TV is faster, but the four-piece design is quite heavy, much more than this Lozs123, and not completely no color difference.

景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测

Note that Lozs’s original parameters show that Steyr rate exceeds 95%, and this is 98.8% in his hand, which is quite high (taken into account the focal ratio of F6). The APM horse doodle has 43 this lens, only 4 reached 98%, 99% is only one. Of course, higher Steyr rate means higher prices.

Objective lens


testing report

Lens barrel

It may be a little bit of opticism, but their work has never had a huge tail. It is now possible to say that the mirror tube is the same, and there are similar to some domestic brands, such as trust.

景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测

FLT123 lens and focus are screwed directly, and the hood can also be unplugged, and there is still a limited position. The outer surface of the lens barrel is very attractive. As for the golden shader ring and the cover is a human taste problem (I don’t like it very much).

There are some blade gratings inside the lens barrel, and it is sprayed with mute black, but it is not even thoroughly thorough like a short bridge or like AP grating.

If you install the focus, the lens barrel is in the shortest length of 24 inches (about 61 cm). If you remove it, it is about 21 inches long (54 cm). If the cover is also removed, only 51 cm, you can say that it is quite portable, of course It is also very rare in the 5-inch mirror. The FLT123 is actually shorter than the 4-inch short bridge TSA102, and it is not so big (just a little bit). A more sinking lens means reliability, but it is also easy to match, such as adding a camera or a double eye.


Feather focusing does not have to introduce, it is the best, except for some focusing of the camera, such as FLI, etc. Here is a 3-inch /3.5 inch stroke, which is non-Crayford. It has a double speed gear and a huge metal knob (with lock). The telescopic tube also has damping, and the external scale is used for precise focus, especially when photography, and the interior also has a grating for eliminating stray light.

The feather tube is used in very hard stainless steel, main purpose is to be large eyepieces and cameras, not like image shift. In actual use, connect Canon EOS 5D and AFR IV reduction, or use the eggshell double-grade plus Panoptic eyelimeter, very smooth, no image shifts. There is a brass lock knob above the focus, which is mainly used for overloading to ensure smooth and inevasive shifts.

Feathers can be rotated at angles, adjust the angle through a rotatable ring and three brass screws, so that the eyepiece or camera can adjust any angle. This structure is not as complex as 3.5-inch capstan-wheel, the advantage is that you can remove your easy to carry, you can also buy a back cover to prevent eating ash.

景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测

Feather focus

景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测

Equatorial instrument

景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测

Although FLT123 is not as large as general 5-inch mirror, it is still very heavy, so it still needs a medium-specific equatorial instrument to carry it.

My prestige SX2 is just suitable for this mirror, very stable, but it needs to use 5 kg of heavy hammer. If the AP Traveler only needs 2.5 kg. Other equatorial instruments such as HEQ5 / 6 or Eatton should have a matter of no problem, but the level should exceed EQ5. Randomly equipped with a hug, uses the prestige of the dovetail slot, others can also be used like Losmandy and AP.

景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测

Weixin SX2 equatorial instrument


Jingde FLT123 randomly sent a soft bag with logo, with a very good sponge protection, but not talking. As mentioned earlier, you need to take the focus (pine that three screws, don’t screw), then I will find a package again, and I also have AFR IV0.8x reduction / flat field. If you need to make a starry, you need to buy a base to the feathers, but such a short focal length is with a telephoto mirror, looking for a star.


Reduce the focus

景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测


FLT123 is very good in the daytime performance, not only sharp and there is no color difference, even if it is 120 times. It is not obvious that the feathers of the birds or birds in light is very good during the daylight, but this mirror is too heavy, it is not suitable for watching birds, it is not as convenient to TV85 or AP Traveler.


Look at the unprocessed full-frame M42 of the picture below, the field of view can be seen, which is flat than the TRAVELER of the three-piece global F6. The corner may be somewhat darker, but the overall is still very high. If it is an APS-C box, you may have a surprise without a flat field?

景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测

Fast focalism means you can shoot a single sheet for later stacking, you can set 30 second exposure, ISO at 1600. And tracking is not particularly precise, like I only use the glasses.

The next one is the same photographing target, but the AFR IV subtraction / flat mirror. According to the standards of the reduction mirror, this is relatively cheap, but the coke is lowered from F6 to F4.8. The effect of the field is very good, that is, make the picture a little purple. Note that the rear focus is set to the intermediate value of 76 mm in the focal view under reduced field (the adjustment space of the rear coke is between 66 to 86 mm). I also included two crisis stars, 100% of the way, and the difference between the field and the no plane.

景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测

The last one is the moon, and there is no post-processing. Very sharp and more detailed, relatively talking about the biggest limit ability.


Full-frame EOS 5D corner 100% zoom


The full frame EOS 5D plus 0.8X AFR IV reduction, 100% amplifier point is more tight, good overall

Ying convexual month, Fuji XM1, tailoring untreated

General watching star

Three-piece maximum disadvantages are heavy, and cool is very slow. Even if it is cooled in the house, it can still be seen in the Star Point Test. Therefore, this FLT123 body is like a portable mirror, but cooling is indeed a real 5-inch mirror.

景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测

Although looks like a 4-inch mirror, the 5-inch caliber is obvious to show more. Generally speaking, moon, planet, deep space showing more structural details, brighter, better than 4 inch refraction of the same quality.

Because it is a fast focal ratio, the FLT123 will have more axial music, compared to a F8 three-slice, the FSQ of the NP127 and the short bridge in the special flat field image is also obvious. However, compared with two-piece F6 or the global F6 three-piece, the correction is still good, especially in a modified, very good eyepiece, such as Ethos.

Star Test

This is a mirror of a Steyr rate 0.988, so you can imagine a star point nearly perfect, of course, the most impressive or caliber and focal length.


It’s too cool to use this mirror, you can say that it is the best as I have seen in this caliber (I refer to Dwarf Bridge FS128). What’s the meaning? Simply put, it is beautiful, more detail, more immersion, than small mirror.

123 times (this mirror is no problem) uses Ethos 6 mm, almost all the moon is in the field of view, very sharp, all the details, there is no color difference, it is suffocating, and the eyes are reluctant to leave. One of the advantages is that the field of view is more flat than the vast majority of F6, so the moon is full of full field of view, which is why this mirror is so good. I have been going to see it, enjoy the fun of exploring the moon, but actually what I should do is test the mirror.


Mars is also exceptionally exceptional on this Jingde 123, I have almost see that this mirror is in three slices of LZOS F8, which is also a deep picture, I know that Mars is more difficult for altime. I use Nagler2 ~ 4mm zoom to 295 times, Mars shows a perfect orange disc, seemed that there is a trace of details, and there is no color and color difference. In other words, so high, fine-tuning is a little bit right.


Like Mars, this Jingde 123 looks perfect, no light light, color difference and weaken. Jupiter is a low contrast of the celestial body, and this mirror exhibits a lot of stripes and dark storms inside, which is more than usual.

Deep space

The relative fast focal ratio of this mirror, the flat field plus the caliber and the needle stars make the deep space picture very beautiful. Use the ETHOS13 to see M42, present nebula color and a syndrome structure, wide arm and needle center. There is also a 4-inch refraction that is tested, and the two are obvious.

The evacuation of the Royal Scarlets M38 and the whirlpool star can present structural features and colors, as well as many needle stars. The star group is like a pile of jewels, inlaid between a cloud in space. The crab-like nebula can be seen in shape, and it is brighter than the smaller size APO.

This FLT123 may be designed for photography, but it is also the best fast focal ratio I have tested than one of the APO, high-altitude planet and the unusual unusual. It can also be said to be a full range of APO refraction.

景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测


Jingde FLT123 is not only a fast focal length, but also a uncompromising rated mirror and portrait. Taking into account the diameter and coke ratio, various aberration control is quite good. Under high, and the mirror of some top trial F8 is as good, such as LZOS100 / 800 or TSA102. It is just that the color difference is lost than the LZOS, but it has no color difference than the color difference. Although there is no NP127 in the field of view, it is better to be more compact. Compared with the AP Traveler. The field of view is flat, it is not that portable. Of course, you can’t do anything.

Jingde FLT123


The work level is also quite good, the best feather focus, Jingde seems to see the demand for both eyes and photography, and the lens barrel gives a large space.It can be said that this LZOS 123/738 is the best competitor of all-round mirrors. The only shortcoming is too expensive (there is only the strength of the country to buy, only the first big 佬 of the Local of the Local ~ Zhao, Huohao is notMagic local).

景德 FLT 123(APM LZOS 123/738)评测

If you have to buy a refraction mirror, I am afraid this 123.It is a high-performance APO level that can be squeezed to a larger diameter, and through the various tests I set, it is very easy to get from high-altitude planets to deep space.

LZOS123 / 738 can be said to be a boutique shot of Russia, this Jingde FLT123 can be said to be a full-energy portable APO reflection, I strongly recommend it!